Must-have car accessories you can buy now

The time is upon us. We're going to have to start driving more. Sure, our car batteries are going to be happy about it, but many of us have gotten used to less travel and hustle and bustle. If you will have to start driving to work again or hit the road for errands and travel, you're going to need to make sure you have everything you need in the car. And we have all the car accessories for you to buy right now in preparation.

Must-have car accessories you can buy now
HUDWAY Drive Portable Head-Up Display in Use

Does your car have a layer of dust on it? If it does, you’re not alone. In fact, since so many people have drastically reduced their drive time, car insurance companies are actually giving money back. Yup. You heard that right. But what happens when it’s time to get back into the swing of things? Have you forgotten about all of the little things that make your travel easier? Did you have a list of what you considered must-have car accessories you were going to spend your tax check on but then tossed? It’s okay. We have a bunch of suggestions for you.

There are multiple things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about buying a new car accessory. Yes, we all want to be comfortable. But convenience and safety are also paramount. That dash cam with Alexa? Or probably a portable head-up display like HUDWAY? It’s going to handle multiple aspects of convenience and safety for you. Same with chargers and charging cords. Sure, it’s convenient to have your phone charged, but your safety could depend on it as well. That car visor? More than convenient. Think of the accidents that could be prevented without people’s vision being impaired by sun glare.

We’re pretty sure that a few items on this list are going to make a light bulb go off for you. So be sure you have your clicking finger ready to go and that debit card pulled out of your wallet before you read any further.

Nextbase 522GW Alexa Dash Cam

Because the Nextbase 522GW Alexa Dash Cam records footage in 1440p HD, you’ll see everything it captures. You’ll realize how important the details are when you need to decipher a license plate after a hit-and-run accident. Additionally, this vehicle dashcam has a 140-degree viewing angle so you can see all around the front of your car. This high-resolution dash cam also has Amazon Alexa built into it. This means you get all the best features of an Alexa car accessory on the go. A built-in Alexa dash cam like this can play music and audiobooks as well as answer calls.

TACKLIFE Digital Precise Tire Pressure Gauge

Determine your vehicle’s tire pressure in a jiffy with the TACKLIFE Digital Precise Tire Pressure Gauge. Using a Schrader valve system, it offers four different measurement settings: 0–150 PSI, 0–10 BAR, 0–10 Kgf/cm2, and 0–1000 KPA. And this handy device turns itself off after 30 seconds, meaning its battery won’t drain when you’re not using it. Additionally, this digital PSI gauge is easy to grip thanks to its ergonomic design. With a non-slip exterior, the TACKLIFE digital gauge stays securely in your hand even when it’s cold and wet outside.

GripMaster by AutoExec Vehicle Desk

For working on the go, the GripMaster by AutoExec Vehicle Desk is essential. You may be technologically savvy, but you still manage papers and files. This car desk has a non-skid rubber surface, ensuring your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or folder stays securely in place. Additionally, this vehicle organizer has an integrated writing surface that pulls out with a built-in clipboard. This car writing surface has a storage area with compartments that hold supplies and hide your laptop when not in use. Finally, you can add on a 200-watt power inverter, printer stand, phone mount, or tablet mount.

BumpShox XL License Plate Protector

Ensure your car’s look is always complete with the BumpShox XL License Plate Protector. This extra-wide frame covers the perimeter of your plate with forcefield-like strength. The BumpShox XL is stronger and more resilient than steel. In addition to withstanding the elements, it also handles anything else in its way. It will never crack or rust. Coming in all black, the BumpShox XL does more than protect your license plate. It also serves to guard your bumper. If a vehicle backs into you, the protector takes the brunt of the impact to save you from scratches and dings.

Moshi QuikDuo USB-C PD Car Charger

Thanks to the Moshi QuikDuo USB-C PD Car Charger, your phone won’t die on you while you’re in your vehicle. This helpful device delivers up to 36 watts of power through its USB-C cable. With four feet of cord length, this vehicle phone charger makes it easy to continue using your device even from the back seat. Moreover, the QuikDuo car charger can fast charge your gadgets. In fact, it delivers up to 18 watts of fast-charging power to your iPhone.

mophie powerstation go Power Bank

With the mophie powerstation go Power Bank, you’ll be able to start more than just your car. It’s got two USB-A ports and an AC power outlet for charging your devices anytime you need to. You can also charge more than one device at a time. Its stylish, compact design with mini jumper cables means you can store it in your glove compartment instead of your trunk. And this power station can jump-start full-size cars and SUVs. It’s a multipurpose battery with a lot of power. Additionally, the power bank has Qi-enabled wireless charging for laptops and mobile devices.

Scosche Fresche Smartphone Vent Mounts

Avoid stinky vehicle smells with the Scosche Fresche Smartphone Vent Mounts. This two-in-one gadget is both a car phone mount and an air freshener. And each of the Freshe air-freshening packs lasts for a full 30 days, so you won’t have to replace them for at least a month. Keep your vehicle clean and tidy by combining two devices in one. The MagicMount design secures with neodymium magnets, while the Universal Grip options have side grips that hold phones up to 3.5 inches wide. With FreeFlow technology, your vent mount will allow the air from your vehicle’s air conditioner to flow through it. Choose from scents like peppermint and cherry to liven up your next road trip.

BigBoi Blowr Mini Miniature Air Blower

If you’re looking for an effective car dryer, look no further than the BigBoi Blowr Mini Miniature Air Blower. This compact device is perfect for drying your car, blowing bits of dusk off the hood, and cleaning your wheels. It comes with a 3.5-meter hose and 3 separate nozzle types with which to clean. It also has three temperature settings. On top of this, with its low noise reduction twin filter system, the miniature blower stays relatively quiet while in use. Weighing a light 5.5 pounds, this wonderful device is the perfect portable car dryer.

BackShield Seated Spinal Support

Whether you spend time sitting in the car or at your desk—or both—the BackShield Seated Spinal Support can help. With this chair posture support, all that sitting won’t wreak as much havoc on your back. Ergonomically designed to support the natural curve in your spine, this vehicle back support will help your posture. The primary material of this product is a firm ABS plastic that can stand up to pressure from your back. On top of that, there’s a comfortable foam layer that makes it nicer to sit against. And the top layer is a flexible, non-slip, easily cleaned surface.

VisorTwin Glare-Blocking Car Visor

Feeling the bright sun in your eyes while driving is a recipe for disaster. With the VisorTwin Glare-Blocking Car Visor, you get some respite while keeping your eyes on the road. And, your car’s built-in visor doesn’t just block the sun, but it blocks everything else, too, limiting your field of view. VisorTwin solves all these problems instantly and works both horizontally and vertically. Installing easily onto your built-in visor, it allows you to block both side and windshield glare. In addition, VisorTwin is totally transparent yet offers effective blocking from the sun. This means you can still totally see the road, just without the glare in your eyes.

VisorTwin Glare-Blocking Car Visor

VisorTwin Glare-Blocking Car Visor on a Window

So, how bad of a hit is your checking account going to take? We told you that you’d want some of these for your car. What did you put on your list? Or do you already have any of these? Let us know!

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