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This team of music makers is changing the way people make music. With the launch of the Seaboard in 2013, these futuristic musical instruments have been paving the way for a new world of music making.

Products we love from ROLI

Jun 082019

Roli Seaboard Rise 49-Key Midi Keyboard

Great for your home studio, this mesh keyboard is designed with hand comfort in mind.

Nov 222018

ROLI Portable Songmaker Kit

Easily make songs on the go with the ROLI Portable Songmaker Kit. With everything you need for a portable studio, the Songmaker Kit enables you to create tracks from any location. This device combines the Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block M,..

Oct 212017

ROLI Lightpad Block M Super Sonic Surface

Create and manipulate sounds like never before with the ROLI Lightpad Block M Super Sonic Surface. This device puts all the power at your fingertips and offers 5D Touch. Each interaction your fingers have with the Lightpad M produces a..

Dec 042016

Seaboard Digital Keyboard

Your piano keyboard has now been reimagined as a soft and continuous surface in the form of this Pitch Bending Seaboard Digital Keyboard by ROLI. The purpose of this digital keyboard is to put expression back at your fingertips. Keyboardists..

Dec 292015

Seaboard Rise MIDI Controller by Roli

Get the exact sound you’re looking for with the Seaboard Rise MIDI Controller by Roli. In a huge technological jump on its predecessor, the Seaboard GRAND, Rise is ultra portable, customizable, and intuitive for music creators of all kinds. This..

Dec 202015

Flip Case for Seaboard RISE by Roli

Start making music on the go with the Flip Case for Seaboard RISE by Roli. This distinctive case keeps your Seaboard RISE protected from scratches, spills, and damage with a lightweight case. The polycarbonate chassis snugly fits your RISE without..