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Lifestyle Products

Lifestyle Products

Browse through a collection of thousands of curated products including luxurious products, camping gear, apparel, health devices, outdoor gadgets, and more.

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Google Maps to add street light feature

According to code found by developers, Google Maps may be adding a feature to show which streets are brightly lit for walking at night. The code features labels for lighting as well as three different ratings for the quality of..

Amazon and NFL create digital simulations

Called the Digital Athlete, the platform uses AI and machine learning to simulate game scenarios and better predict and prevent injuries. The platform relies on data from the NFL such as player position, equipment, and even the playing surface.

Scientists find new discoveries with Parker Probe

Launched in 2018, the Parker Solar Probe recently finished 24 passes through the sun’s previously unseen corona, providing new information. The main findings highlight a dynamic solar wind and unexpectedly flipping magnetic fields.