ESNQknit Chunky Knit Pet Bed

$90 USD
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Give your pet a comfortable place to kick back with the ESNQknit Chunky Knit Pet Bed. These knitted beds provide your pet with complete comfort no matter where you put it. Plus, it gives them a suitable place to lie around and rest whenever they need to take it easy. The chunky knit bed shows your pet just how much you love them and is likely to give them an ultimate sleep experience. The chunky knit material is soft and warm to lie on, making it extremely comfortable. Likewise, it looks beautiful wherever you put it. There are also several colors for you to choose from, as well as up to three different diameters. Made from 100% Australian Merino wool, this hypoallergenic material is suitable for any pet. The bed also comes with soft walls, allowing it to change shape and stretch as your pet moves.

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