AirplantVessel Giant Handmade Wood Planter

$295 USD
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Add some organic style to your home and help the environment with the AirplantVessel Giant Handmade Wood Planter. Designed specifically for sustainably-grown Airplants, this larger planter is the perfect showpiece for any indoor or outdoor space. Made from reclaimed wood, the planter raises up your chosen greenery. The by-hand finishing brings out the natural beauty of the grain. Furthermore, the folks at Airplant do not remove the imperfections. As a result, you get a product that feels truly natural. You can place your planter in the hallway to impress guests or opt for some poolside plants. Whatever you choose to do with your AirplantVessel, you can feel good about it. For every planter sold, a portion of the sale goes to Nature Conservancy for ecosystem protection.

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