25Inch.me Will Make You an Inflatable Alter Ego

25Inch.me Will Make You an Inflatable Alter Ego

Do you ever get the feeling that no-one is really listening to you? Okay, so you might already have mentioned Stranger Things eight times today. But that doesn’t make your plot theories any less important. Thankfully, you no longer need to rely on your colleagues to be all ears. With 25Inch.me, you can create an inflatable clone of yourself. That way, you will always have a good-looking companion who hangs on your every word. And because your alter ego is only 25 inches tall, you can boss them around, too.

– Platform uses selfie to create your tiny alter ego

– Choose your outfit, then add accessories and tattoos

– 25Inch.me creates your inflatable clone and ships to anywhere in the world

Inflatable Alter Ego

Being beautiful and interesting can be hard work (so I’m told). While everyone else gets to marvel at your perfection, you can see only mediocrity. No wonder you’re always looking in the mirror. If only you had a clone!

That’s one reason to order a 25Inch.me inflatable figurine. But even if you don’t quite match the description above, these custom toys will bring a smile to your face.

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Not only do they look exactly like the real thing, but they can be customized to match your style.

alter ego 07

Photo Realistic

Many games, particularly in the sports genre, allow you to create custom characters. While the controls are very detailed, you can never quite make a virtual replica of yourself. 25Inch.me gets round this problem by copying your real face. To start creating your Mini-Me, you first need to upload a photo.

alter ego 02

The quality of your image definitely makes a difference to the end result. While professional portraits make your inflatable figure come to life, fuzzy selfies are less impressive. But hey, that’s down to you.

alter ego 06

The next step is to choose from a huge wardrobe. Depending on your taste, you can pull on some surf shorts or grab a festive sweater. Opt for the beach wear, and your alter ego will also get a smoking hot body.

alter ego 05

The final step is to accessorize. You can give your character some ink, find a nice watch, or wrap up in a scarf. Again, the choice is impressive. The only issue we had was with the editor, which occasionally failed to update with new looks. Hopefully this is just a short-lived gremlin in the system.

alter ego 01

Worldwide Mini-Me

Like a villainous plan from Austin Powers, you can send your Mini-Me to anywhere in the world. The idea, of course, is to receive the clone yourself. But I guess there’s nothing stopping you from surprising a loved one with your presence.

Just be prepared for some “windbag” jokes.

“Haven’t you ever wished to have a little ‘you’ to take around with you or send to a distant friend? An inflatable replica copying your style and clothing in every detail.”

“Lightweight and resistant, inflatable and portable, air people is a fun reproduction of yourself, one of your friends or whoever you prefer. It’s easy to send to anyone.” — 25Inch.me

alter ego 03

What We ❤️

Who wouldn’t want their own little clone? Furthermore, these characters make great mascots.

Future Designs

Unless you’re really small to start with, you probably won’t be able to switch places with your Mini-Me. So the addition of larger sizes would be great 😉


– Order now: via 25Inch.me

– Price: $29.56 USD

– Deal: Buy 2, get 20% off the 2nd item with code: GADGETFLOW

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