7 Brilliant Electric Bikes To Boost Your Cycling

7 Brilliant Electric Bikes To Boost Your Cycling

There’s a lot to like about cycling. Pedal power is cheaper than gas, and great for keeping fit. You can also enjoy the fresh air without contributing to pollution. The only problem is, cycling can be hard work — particularly for folks who live near hills. Electric bikes help to take some of the strain, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Here is our roundup of the very best e-bikes that money can buy.

Everyday Electric Bikes

The second-generation Wave is a versatile workhorse that utilizes the latest battery technology from Samsung. It offers a comfortable ride around town, with a top speed of 25 mph.

Price: $999

Billed as the world’s lightest electric bike, the Propella weighs under 36 lbs. Along with a 28-mile range, the hub motor and reflective strips make this bike ideal for commuters.

Price: $699

If smaller wheels and vert ramps are more your thing, the electric BMX Bike from Life EV should please. Built from aircraft aluminum, this sturdy trickster can keep going for 40 miles.

Price: $599

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High-End Cycling

Despite the name, the Footloose is more future chic than ’80s retro. The 250 W motor will keep you going for 37 miles while the chainless design means fewer pit stops. Just be prepared to empty your bank account…

Price: $2950

Take a minute to admire the Noordung. Designed like a classic racing motorbike, this bicycle (yes, really) has a USB port to charge your smartphone, and integrated speakers. Again, just don’t look at the price.

Price: $8510

Going Off-Road

Fat tyres and a powerful hub gear motor make the Boar well suited to exploring. This advanced ‘sports utility’ bike even adjusts the electric power to compensate for your weakening legs.

Price: $2500

One for the enthusiasts, the NYX is built for flat-out speed. The hand-made carbon monocoque is made specifically for taking electric power off-road.

Price: $1449

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