BASEbelt Is Your Handsfree On-the-Go Storage Solution

BASEbelt Is Your Handsfree On-the-Go Storage Solution

When you’re on vacation or enjoying the outdoors, the last thing you want to think about is security. But finding somewhere safe to keep your keys, your wallet, and your phone isn’t always straightforward. Pockets can only hold so much, and bikinis don’t have any. Likewise, carrying a bag everywhere is just plain annoying. Now, there is an easy solution. BASEbelt is a comfortable, flexible pocket that hangs from your waist. It’s perfect for your valuables, everyday carry essentials, and other small items.

– Slimline design fits closely to your body, unlike a traditional fanny pack

– Multiple storage configurations, with waterproof pouch for swimming and watersports

– Stretchy design makes BASEbelt comfortable to wear all day

Handsfree Storage Solution

Keen runners are familiar with the difficulties of personal storage. Running a few miles with keys grating against your leg is a recipe for terrible injury. But folks who live alone have no option but to take their keys. Likewise, burying your valuables under a towel while you surf is asking for trouble.

While fanny packs and portable safes have their place, BASEbelt is a far more versatile solution. Once you put the loop around your waist, it’s easy to carry a good number of personal items.

What’s more, the storage is flexible and comfortable. You can even use the supplied waterproof pouch and dive into the sea.

storage solution 01

Clever Pouch

The first thing you notice about BASEbelt is how slim and sleek it appears. The belt and storage pockets are made from breathable fabric that sits flat against your body. The seams are hidden, and there are no buckles to chafe your sides.

storage solution 05

Just as importantly, you can adjust this storage belt to your needs. The “apron” configuration offers the most space, with the pocket fully unfurled. It hangs on your upper thigh, with enough space for keys, your phone, and even a small water bottle. This could feel a little uncomfortable for larger loads, but you could always turn the belt around.

storage solution 04

You can pull this pocket halfway up, or fully wrap it around the belt. As a result, you can comfortably keep BASEbelt on all day. Furthermore, the material is hypoallergenic, breathable and water-resistant. It even has reinforced stitching to endure years of adventures.

storage solution 02

Concealed Capacity

The belt itself also offers some storage space. These concealed pockets are ideal for hiding some cash, while the built-in loop is useful for keys.

BASEbelt personal storage solution

Finally, there is that waterproof case. Simply slide this into the main pocket, and you can go surfing, swimming, bodyboarding, and more.

“This is not your standard running belt, nor the unforgettable staple from the 80’s, the fanny pack. The form-fitting BASEbelt will keep all of your personals safe and secure while allowing you a full range of motion and activity. These two main attributes of the BASEbelt make it a must-have for the upcoming holiday season!” — BASEbelt on Kickstarter

storage solution 03

What We ❤️

A completely new take on the running belt/fanny pack. This thing feels technical, and it looks great.

Future Designs

Having the ability to add and remove extra pockets would be really useful for overloaded parents and hikers.


– Kickstarter: Until October 18th

– Pledge: $25 USD

– Delivery: December 2017

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