UGREEN NASync review: a private cloud storage solution for any need

Want to beef up your home network? Check out UGREEN's NASync Series. It backs up and protects data, has ample storage, and can serve as a home media library.

UGREEN NASync review: a private cloud storage solution for any need
UGreen NASync DX8800 in an office setting

As a professional who works from home, I always look for ways to improve my network’s security, storage, and speed. Thankfully, I’ve stumbled on some promising tech with the UGREEN NASync Series. Keep reading for my review of this private cloud storage solution.

UGREEN calls its inaugural system the Network Attached Storage (NAS) series, or NASync. The versatile range suits everyone, from home users to creative and media professionals. Each model comes with the 12th Gen Intel processor and expandable 8GB DDR5 memory.



The series allows users to store impressive amounts of personal data on local devices, reducing the risk of information leaks and surveillance. Coupled with multiple layers of protection, the NASync Series gives users like me peace of mind.

Check out these network-attached storage solutions

The NASync Series offers users a variety of storage solutions. I’ll cover each model and explain which scenarios it is best suited for.

Personal & Home Use

First, let’s talk about the NASync DXP2800, NASync DXP4800, and DXP4800 Plus models. These 2-bay and 4-bay versions are excellent for personal and home users. If you need a reliable system for backing up files, photos, and videos, this gadget has you covered. It also allows easy access, sharing, & media streaming.

Business & High-Intensity Applications

If you need a massive amount of storage space, the 6- and 8-bay NASync DXP68 Pro and NASync DXP8800 Plus are for you. They have the space you need for business documents, as well as a powerful CPU and fast ports for serious multitasking.

Creative & Media Professionals




Most interestingly, the NASync DXP480T Plus was designed for creative and media professionals. This model flaunts high-speed SSD Read/Write and a portable size. That means I can take this storage system with me on the road!

Unlock robust 184TB storage

Meanwhile, I’m happy this private cloud offers as much storage as I need. Yes, with up to 184 TeraBytes of storage capacity, the models in this series can handle media libraries, creative archives, or large business databases.

That’s a pretty impressive amount of information and ideal for a creative media professional. With so much storage space, I know I can keep important collections on hand—like up to 190 million files—without any trouble.

The storage space is also great for home users who want to store HD movie collections (up to 124K 1.5GB movies) and high-quality music collections (up to 6 million, 30MB songs). It’s really the future of data storage solutions.

Choose a processor designed for multitasking

I ask a lot from my computer. During a typical work session, I’ve got multiple internet tabs and applications open all at once. So, I need a processor that can keep up the pace.

And, with up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, the UGREEN NASync Series is just what I need. Boasting 10 cores and 12 threads, it has swift response times, smooth media playback, and easy multitasking.

Go for expandable 8GB DDR5 memory

All models in this private cloud storage system have expandable 8GB DDR5 memory. In fact, DDR 5 offers numerous technological advancements over DDR4, with performance and transmission that outpace its predecessor’s.

Actually, DDR5 gives you 2–3 times faster speeds than DDR4, for a significant performance increase. Plus, the 8GB of memory provides fast processing speeds for noticeable improvements in software and system performance.

Transfer files at blazing-fast speeds

Are you tired of wasting time waiting for files to transfer? I know I am. So I was pretty happy to find that the models in the UGREEN NASync Series have fast transfer speeds.

Yes, equipped with dual 10GbE network ports, I can transfer large files and videos quickly. In fact, I can aggregate them to 20G bandwidth, resulting in download speeds of up to 2500MB/s.

Meanwhile, the dual Thunderbolt 4 ports let me connect to multiple storage devices, like mobile hard disks, and disk array cabinets, for fast data transmission. Plus, the single-port transmission rate attains up to 40Gbps.

So, I can finally say goodbye to my file-transfer impatience.

Get professional-level data security

Because I work for clients from my home, securing my professional data is essential. Thankfully, the UGREEN NASync Series prioritizes security. Offering reliable local space, speedy transmission, and account encryption protocols, I know my sensitive information stays secure.

Moreover, the backup and data protection features ensure I don’t worry about file corruption. And the encryption plus multi-factor authentication means my files are safe from unauthorized use. This lets me focus on my work and nothing else. A robust data security system is one of the most effective stress reducers I know!

Manage everything CIA the intuitive OS

While this private cloud storage solution may sound difficult to use, let me assure you, it’s not. That’s due, in large part, to the all-inclusive companion app.

The app makes managing files easy, and it doesn’t matter where I am. With my phone, PC, or tablet, I can modify my system as I see fit.

The app also lets me stream movies and access photos from anywhere. Speaking of photos, the models in the UGREEN NASync Series have picture recognition and classification features, making photo organization a breeze. I can even search for photos by text, which is pretty cool.

My final thoughts on the NASync Series

So there you have it—my take on the UGREEN NASync Series. As someone who relies heavily on secure and efficient data storage for my work-from-home setup, I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed. This series ticks off all the boxes I need: ample storage space, lightning-fast transfer speeds, top-notch security features, and user-friendly management.

Whether you’re a home user looking to back up your precious memories or a business professional handling large volumes of data, there’s a NASync model for you. From the personal and home-friendly DXP2800 to the powerhouse DXP8800 Plus for high-intensity applications, UGREEN has covered all bases.

So, if you’re in the market for a reliable, high-performance solution, look no further than the UGREEN NASync Series.

Preorder yours today for just $239 on Kickstarter!

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