Create a personalized 3D figurine of yourself or a friend with Minikin

Represent yourself or a friend in real life with a 3D figurine that's perfect for collectors, gamers, or pop culture enthusiasts. Discover what this entails in today's blog.

Create a personalized 3D figurine of yourself or a friend with Minikin
Minikin 3D figurine

Fill that empty space on your desk with a fun ornament that no one else in the office will have: a Minikin. These personalized 3D figurines are like looking in the mirror at a much smaller version of yourself. Or be inventive and create a mini model of the favorite person in your life.

With so many customization options and an easy creation process, your Mini will keep you company while you work and game. Or it will simply add a decorative touch in an empty space in your home. Take a look at how to create these 3D figurines and what qualities they include.

Minikin in a video

Your Mini really looks like you—or you can tweak a few features

The best part about your Minikin is its realistic representation of your appearance and personality. Replicating every detail of your face, your Minikin celebrates what’s unique about you to create a lifelike replica. So it actually looks like you, and you’ll want to keep it on display on your office desk or at home.

But you also get the opportunity to customize a few aspects of your appearance, so you can be as realistic or wacky as you want. In particular, play around with your Mini’s body type, hair color, facial features, and so much more. You can even pick your pose!

The app offers an array of clothing and costume choices, too. This wide choice allows you to let your alter ego shine or keep it more lowkey if that’s your thing.

In fact, why not order more than one Mini to keep a more professional version on your desk and decorate your gaming station with a character version of yourself. Allow all aspects of your personality to shine through with multiple figurines. Experiment and become whoever you want to be.

Create a personalized 3D figurine of yourself or a friend with Minikin
Minikin in a person’s hand

Gift a loved one a Minikin or decorate your desk

Minikin’s fun factor makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. Imagine the smile that a 3D figurine of themselves will bring to their face.

Minikin also makes a thoughtful present to mark your presence in your absence—think of moms who will miss their firstborn leaving the nest. The best thing is that you have the choice of how serious, meaningful, or creative you want to be with your models.

Feel like your home office needs a more creative touch? It doesn’t get more personal than a mini model of yourself. Or maybe it’s time to put yourself first and celebrate your beauty. What better way to achieve that than with a Minikin?

Create a personalized 3D figurine of yourself or a friend with Minikin
Four models of Minikins

It’s super easy to make your own 3D figurine

Despite your Minikin’s intricate results, the process is straightforward. Simply download the app, upload a selfie, and personalize your mini. You’ll then design your finalized 3D figurine in the post-production process.

Moreover, the brand uses Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP to deliver vivid colors and a durable result. Also, injection molding provides an efficient result to produce the exact same part repeatedly. 3D printing allows the brand to create thousands of unique Minis every day that you can then display anywhere you wish—or take on your journeys with you.

Overall, Minikins are available in two sizes—two or three inches tall—and partially made from recycled materials. Preorder your Minikin from Kickstarter for just $20.

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