This curved treadmill is 100% powered by your leg muscles

Looking to enhance your running sessions in 2021? Then you might want to consider getting the NOHrD Sprintbok curved manual treadmill. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this low-impact, intuitive running fitness machine.

This curved treadmill is 100% powered by your leg muscles
NOHrD Sprintbok curved manual treadmill in a living room

As exercise equipment becomes more technologically advanced, it’s refreshing to see a few companies taking a scaled-back approach to fitness. But don’t let the descriptor fool you. These back-to-basics fitness machines, like the NOHrD Sprintbok curved manual treadmill, can rival smart workout equipment in their intensity. Specifically, the NOHrD Sprintbok is 100% powered by your leg muscles.

The NOHrD Sprintbok looks like a cool piece of designer fitness equipment. It has a curved frame and belt, which provide a natural running experience. The frame is made of solid hardwood, which gives the entire product a charismatic flair. Available in colors Ash, Oak, Club, Cherry, Walnut, and Shadow, this machine will blend in with your decor. Overall, this is a gorgeous piece of exercise equipment that looks great in any home or gym. But when it comes to fitness gadgets, you know that looks aren’t everything.

What’s so great about curved treadmills?

Luckily, this curved manual treadmill gives you the workout you crave. Curved treadmills are known for their deceptive beauty. According to Men’s Health, once you get started on this minimalist treadmill design, it turns into, “…a monstrous bit of kit.” Specifically, curved treadmills help you to work more muscle groups, burn more calories, boost your endurance, and improve your running form.

You control your run with this minimalist treadmill

The NOHrD Sprintbok is a treadmill that’s 100% self-determined. The machine is designed to adjust to your strength input and running style. That means that this workout gear is entirely powered by you. According to NOHrD, this results in more intense, effective running compared to motorized treadmills.

Burn 30% more calories

And since the NOHrD Sprintbok amps up the intensity of your running, you can expect a 30% higher calorie burn than a motorized running machine, according to the company. That’s right; your running sessions on this curved treadmill will actually burn more calories. So go ahead, eat that extra cookie.

Enjoy a maintenance-free treadmill

Another great thing about the NOHrD Sprintbok is that it’s made of natural materials. This means that it won’t need any belt-tightening and oiling or greasing of parts. So this is a pretty easy product to own; just step on the belt and start running.

Protect your joints with the low-impact belt

Compared to running on asphalt or the typical treadmill, this curved manual treadmill is easier on your joints. That’s because the NOHrD Sprintbok is made up of 62 movable wooden slats with a linoleum finish. Durable and natural, these slats absorb shock while you run. Your joints are important; protect them by choosing a safer workout gadget.

Monitor your run via the touchscreen

Ok, so this treadmill isn’t entirely tech-free. But the 17.3″ tablet enhances your workout by displaying data about your workout and provides a selection of pre-designed scenery runs and running programs.

The NOHrD Sprintbok is a great choice for anyone who wants to increase the intensity of their at-home running session in a design that’s beautiful, easy to maintain, and low-impact. This curved treadmill costs $6799, and you can buy it on the official website.

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