Final Fantasy XIV: Realm of Felines and Endless Adventures – a dynamic remake and MMORPG marvel

Love Final Fantasy XIV? Get the lowdown on Final Fantasy XIV's remake as well as insider player tips in this blog.

Final Fantasy XIV: Realm of Felines and Endless Adventures – a dynamic remake and MMORPG marvel
Final Fantasy XIV overview and tips

You may have never played Final Fantasy XIV, but you’ve probably heard of it. The game is so popular that it has analogs for a console and mobile phone. Movies have even been made about the universe.

While the game itself is popular and attracts more and more new users, gaming-related companies are also a hit with users. For example, companies selling merch for this game earn millions, while others collaborate with the developer company.

Boosting services like are no less in demand. Through them, professional gamers help players level up their characters faster, complete difficult content, participate in battles, and gain more knowledge. Let’s examine the game in more detail.

Final Fantasy XIV: Realm of Felines and Endless Adventures - a dynamic remake and MMORPG marvel
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Final Fantasy 14 – a world of cat women and possibilities

The game turns 12 next year, so you can be sure it will provide hundreds of hours of exciting content. Yes, expect additional quests, dungeons, fates (random events in the game world), PVP arenas, hundreds of possible crafting options, and so much more!

You can also upgrade an endless number of classes and professions. And, you can talk about the number of available positions for hours. Final Fantasy XIV is a great alternative to the boring WOW and, perhaps, the best PVE online RPG in the world.

The remake plays like a tactical slasher game

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In Remake, the action is one hundred percent instead of step-by-step and static. The new combat system has a classic turn-based mode tailored for real-time battles. One of the 3 group members is always under the player’s complete control. A simple attack is performed by spamming a square, and a special move is activated by a triangle (if you play on a gamepad)—they used to be commands in the menu.

In addition, you now have to run around the battlefield, catching up with enemies, running away from dangerous attacks, and (in rare cases) hiding behind cover. Positioning in the original was limited to placing heroes along two lines.

The familiar ATB system has returned: heroes accumulate action points by dealing damage with regular attacks (or waiting a long time). You can spend them on commands in the tactical menu, which includes skills, , items, summons, and limits (heroes’ ultimates). The system is similar to the original, but in the menu, time does not stop; it slows down.

Square Enix has been experimenting with a dynamic combat system for several years. It first appeared in the Kingdom of Hearts series, then Final Fantasy XV. At the same time, VII Remake does something of its own: there are no crazy teleportations using tags and all the madness that Sora gets up to in his games. Cloud’s comrades control themselves very mundanely; the heroes cannot jump, but they cheerfully roll and block. You can switch between fighters on the fly or give commands through the tactical menu. Otherwise, the AI will spam auto-attacks at random targets and generally not behave very effectively.

Useful tips for players

Final Fantasy XIV
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Battles with ordinary enemies proceed quickly, even without your partners. However, the combat system works to its limits in numerous boss fights. Bosses (and other large enemies) have all sorts of tails and wheels in addition to the main goal—they must be focused first. In addition, it takes too long to kill such big guys with a regular attack. You need to use the magic of element and skill.

On the mechanical Scorpion Guardian, in the first mission, you control only Barret and Cloud, not 3 heroes. This is the only chance to get used to reactive battles and information overload. The key is to focus on what’s important and not try to think as if the game were turn-based.

For example, while Barret is casting his triangle, it is better to switch to Cloud and do something useful with the accumulated ATB. Also, when one of the heroes takes a hit, it is better to heal him. It’s also worth considering that enemies primarily attack the hero under the player’s control—you can abuse this mechanic for your own purposes. By the way, you don’t have to go to the menu to use skills, spells, and items. Just configure up to 4 convenient shortcuts for each character.

Real-time battles in Remake

I expected to find real-time battles infuriating, but I got used to them and even enjoyed them. Perhaps my experience in Kingdom Hearts had an effect. The coolest thing is that a transitional encounter screen no longer accompanies every skirmish with enemies. Instead, you rush through the level without any transitions, chop down the attacking enemies with a powerful combo of skills, and run on. Such a continuous flow makes you feel like a cool dude and, in fact, greatly enhances the immersion effect.

Fans of turn-based games will argue that this changes Remake into a slasher game, but the original FF VII didn’t require much strategic thinking, either. At the same time, in Remake, the characters’ fighting styles are unique. For instance, Cloud chops everyone with a sword and can switch between 2 stances. Also, Tifa spams punches and makes a powerful uppercut as a triangle. The hero limits are also completely different, but that was the case in the original.

FF XIV has the best development team and community

For dessert, I will leave with what Final Fantasy XIV is most famous for. This is, of course, a loyal and positive community and the best development team led by Naoki Yoshida. In many ways, it is the developers who show players how to behave. The FF14 team lives their game and treats the project like their child. The developers value their subscribers and never cease to please players with constant live broadcasts, live communication, and, of course, many updates. Seeing the attitude of the developers, the community itself also adopts their best qualities.

There are almost no toxic players in Final Fantasy XIV. Most Warriors of Light are always ready to help newcomers, explain boss tactics to an inexperienced group member, or help with advice. After many other MMORPGs, such a friendly atmosphere in the game chat seems unreal. However, Final Fantasy 14 even received an award for the best gaming community. If you’re still unsure about playing Final Fantasy XIV, you can always try the free version. It includes over 150 hours of content.

That bright day came when Square Enix finally indulged PC players with the appearance of a full-fledged PC version of FF. True, there were some flaws. After all, the FF universe is unique, and not everyone likes it. Although, the art is simply magnificent. There is no particular grind here; the loot drops are quite meager, and the “solo” leveling is very slow. However, due to its other advantages, the game has firmly taken its place among the genre’s leaders.

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