GreenTraveler Securely Transports Your Food Anywhere You Go

GreenTraveler Securely Transports Your Food Anywhere You Go

Our world is so vast and beautiful; it’s just waiting to be explored. While many experience wanderlust, few of us actually decide to trek, camp, and explore around us. What’s holding us back? For myself, and probably many readers, it’s the logistics. I’m a food lover and can’t imagine having to hunt and cook or worse: lug around food in leaking containers. Call me high maintenance, but it really is tricky to sort out food while on the go. But, the GreenTraveler is here to encourage us to get out and explore and enjoy food while we’re at it.

The GreenTraveler is a food storage system designed to safely and securely transport your food. With it, you can rest assured your meal and beverage will arrive in perfect condition whether you’re up a mountain, in a cave, or in the sea.


When most people imagine camping, they think of cooking over an open fire. But with GreenTraveler, your meals don’t need to be so primitive. Compartmentalized to help you organize, GreenTraveler enables you to bring any dish you’d like (anything from sushi to leftovers!). The large cylinder houses two cups with ultra-secure lids, a main compartment divided into two food storage areas, and convenient loops to easily attach the system to your gear for effortless transport.

The GreenTraveler has been extremely well-thought out to serve a variety of travelers. Conveniently engraved on the side is the tare weight as well as the usable volume for the hot food bar so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Additionally, some extra grip has been added to the cups for increased dexterity on your travels. Totally recyclable, the GreenTraveler is completely safe for food, can be easily and thoroughly cleaned right in the dishwasher, kept in the freezer to preserve meals, and even used in the microwave to heat up your tasty treats.


The total volume held by the GreenTraveler is a whopping 44.1 ounces. Each cup holds 7.83 ounces while the two main food compartments can each contain 14.21 ounces. Measuring just 13.5 inches long and only 3.5 inches in diameter, it’s so easy to take the GreenTraveler with you whether it’s attached to the outside of your bag or packed snugly inside. Made of highly durable plastic, the GreenTraveler is approved by food safety standards all over the world.

Because the assembly and use of the GreenTraveler are so simple, it can be used anywhere. The system is ideal for camping and excursions, taking your lunch to work, or even a lovely picnic with the family. Delightfully simple, the GreenTraveler replaces many of the items you would normally need to lug around making it both travel and eco-friendly.

Live on Kickstarter until November 22nd, you can reserve your own GreenTraveler for only $35. The super successful campaign has raised over $75k and counting. I can’t wait to see how GreenTraveler is used by the backers.

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