The iBand+ headband actually induces lucid dreams

The iBand+ headband actually induces lucid dreams

What do you dream about at night? Does your brain go for the incredible such as winning the lottery or does it give you something vivid and weird? Or, do you end up with nightmares? If you had the power to control your dreams, the possibilities are endless. With the iBand+ headband, inducing lucid dreams is a reality. This wearable:
– tracks brain waves to help induce lucid dreams
– guides you through relaxing meditation
– combines audio and visual stimuli

iBand+ Headband Gives You the Ability

The iBand+ is an intelligent wireless EEG headband. Using advanced technology, the headband uses built-in sensors to track your brain waves with laboratory-level accuracy. The iBand+ tracks, analyses, and learns about your health throughout your sleep cycle. The incredible software adjusts as needed according to your brain activity. With this information, the iBand+ is able to detect when you enter REM sleep. Upon detection, the wearable plays the sequence of audio-visual cues to allow you to lucid dream. These cues help you to understand that you’re awake during a dream. From there, you can do just about anything you’ve always dreamed.

The iBand+ headband actually induces lucid dreams

Smarter Technology

Located on the headband and placed just above the eyes are four LED lights. With all four at interpupillary distances, the iBand+ works with virtually any face size. In addition, you can customize the color of the LED lights as you wish. The headband works in unison with the included pillow speakers to complete the audio-visual cues. The pillow speakers lay completely flat to slide inconspicuously under your pillow. The two high-fidelity speakers disperse the high-quality audio. They also include a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect your smartphone.

The iBand+ headband actually induces lucid dreams

Overall Benefits

Lucid dreams allow you to take control of your dreams without waking up. You can mold your dreams to fulfil anything your heart desires from achieving success to meeting your heroes. Because you’re awake within the dream, you can see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste. The iBand+ unlocks lucid dreams but also has added benefits. You can choose audio from your smartphone to help you meditate and drift off to a deeper sleep. Likewise, the iBand+ can simulate sunlight and morning sounds for an easy and natural wake up. Finally, the iBand+ app gives you valuable insight into your sleep patterns, sleep cycles, and health.

The iBand+ headband actually induces lucid dreams

What We ❤️️

Lucid dreaming is an incredible ability but difficult to achieve for many. We love that the iBand+ is ultra comfortable and so easy to use.

Future Innovation

We can’t think of a single way to improve this amazing wearable. From the intelligent software to the all-encompassing app, the iBand+ does it all.

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– Delivery: December 2017

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