If you like customization, you will love LocoMödiv Bags

Even the most beautifully designed products cannot match everyone’s needs. Perhaps this is why modular accessories are becoming so popular.

If you like customization, you will love LocoMödiv Bags
  • Customization is a big trend in tech right now — from modular iPhone cases to folding beds.
  • Even timepieces are modular nowadays. The X-One H1 watch combines a mechanical movement with electronic add-ons.
  • LocoMödiv bags all have interchangeable straps, meaning you can create your own custom color scheme.

Designing a bag from scratch is harder than you think. From the shape of the main compartment to the angle of the shoulder straps, everything needs to be just so. In most cases, designers do a great job. But even the most skilled design professional cannot foresee every use case. Perhaps this is why modular designs are growing in popularity. LocoMödiv is one brand at the forefront of this trend, offering a range of bags with interchangeable straps. From switching color to improving your personal safety, these bags provide endless options for people who like customization.

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Different straps for different people

Unique designs

Selecting the perfect bag for your daily routine is a process that calls for careful thought. Folks who have to ride the subway every day won’t want anything bulky. They may also need some weatherproofing. If you drive to work or live in sunny California, style may be given greater priority.

LocoMödiv bags fall more into the rugged commuter class. The range includes laptop bags, larger shoulder bags, and backpacks, but they all share a durable aesthetic. You can choose from several different colors and sizes, and some models offer a padded sleeve for your laptop.

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One of the laptop bags

We like customization

However, your choice of bag is only the starting point with LocoMödiv. Stage two is to select your preferred strap.

LocoMödiv bags all come with a basic silicone strap with an unusual ladder-like design, known as Uniloop. This patent-pending technology allows you to attach and detach the straps with ease. In addition, the design offers much better breathability than traditional straps can provide.

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The Uniloop system in action

There are eight different colors available in total, and three shapes of strap to suit different bags. You can purchase extra straps individually or grab the whole lot as a bundle. The latter route lets you mix and match, so that your bag is truly unique.

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It doesn’t have to match

Aside from visual character, your choice of strap can be really important. The Glow strap does what it says after dark, highlighting your presence at night with fluorescent green. If you regularly walk or cycle home under the stars, this is an awesome feature.

[tweet_box]LocoMödiv bags all have interchangeable straps, meaning you can create your own custom color scheme.[/tweet_box]

Real customization geeks might be left a little disappointed by the lack of options elsewhere. These bags are pretty solid, but you can’t add extra pockets or even switch carrying styles. But if you only want to add some color to your daypack, LocoMödiv is definitely the way to go.

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Nothing spectacular, but certainly solid

“LocoMödiv brings patent-pending innovation to centuries-old gear bag design, for 21st century customers wanting a stand-out difference in performance and function.  Brought to you by Seattle Sports, a leader in high quality outdoor gear since 1983.” — LocoMödiv.com

What we ❤

Those straps not only look great, but they’re also really comfortable in summer. The silicone is strong, while the bags themselves provide good protection for your EDCs.

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More modular, please!

Room for improvement

If you’re going to do customization, you might as well go all out. Additional pockets and even a battery pack would be nice.


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