Magpie Keeps Your Valuables Protected with GPS Technology

Magpie Keeps Your Valuables Protected with GPS Technology

In nature, the Magpie is known for its love of shiny items. More often than not, these objects tend to be quite valuable. Rather than flying off to the nearest tree, the Magpie GPS tracker keeps watch over your items of value. This tiny tag alerts you to theft and prevents your keys or wallet from being left behind.

– Lightweight tag attaches to any item

– Track the whereabouts of valuable items

– Set up geofences and get alerted when items are moved

Your Valuables Protected

Never left your wallet behind in a taxi? Never had to break into your own house? You have barely lived. Many people experience these little trials every day, and suffer massive headaches as a result.

Before you become the next forgetful victim, it might be worth getting a Magpie tracker or two. This lightweight tag tracks your valuables around the world and sends updates to your phone.

Keep your valuables protected

The Magpie has two methods of attaching to items of value: clip or hook. The clip snaps shut on fabrics, while the hook is useful for keychains. The tag then syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and the mobile phone network. Thanks to satellite technology, Magpie always knows its whereabouts.

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If you start walking away from your Magpie-protected item, you get an alert on your phone. The companion app also shows you where to look. In addition, the tag has accelerometers built in. Consequently, Magpie knows when someone is trying to run off with your wallet.

[tweet_box]This tiny tag alerts you to theft and prevents your keys or wallet from being left behind[/tweet_box]

Magpie isn’t just about protecting keys and wallets. You can slip one into your suitcase, or attach one to your bike. You could even get your kids or your pet to wear one. Furthermore, you can set up geofences via the Magpie app. This means that you receive an alert whenever your loved one wanders out of a designated safe zone.

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Since these tags are waterproof and dust-proof, you can use them virtually anywhere. Meanwhile, the rechargeable battery can last for up to three months.

“Magpie is smart GPS technology that keeps you connected to the people and things most important to you – anywhere in the world.” — Magpie on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Global tracking for your valuables. If your laptop or your bike is stolen, you can track them to the ends of the Earth.

Future Designs

Something even smaller would open up new tracking options.


– Kickstarter: Until June 29th

– Pledge: $5

– Delivery: February 2018

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