This GPS tracker phone keeps kids and seniors safe

The KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone lets you keep tabs on your kids thanks to its real-time tracking. All you need to do is use your smartphone app or browser to access the tracking feature.

This GPS tracker phone keeps kids and seniors safe
KidsConnect KC2 Kids’ GPS tracker in use

When you have a young child or have an elderly parent, you’re always a little uneasy when they go out on their own. The dangers out there are real, and it would be nice to always keep tabs on them, somehow. And that’s where the KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone comes in. It has real-time tracking, so you’re always aware of where your loved one is and how they’re doing. It also acts as a regular, phone allowing your loved one to make calls and receive texts.

The KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone looks almost like one of those beepers from the 90s. It’s palm-sized and has a front display that shows the date and time along with three-speed dial buttons. There’s also a red SOS button that your child can press in an emergency. Your child will have fun with his or her new ‘phone,’ and you’ll breathe more easily knowing you can always track their location. Let’s have a look at what else the GPS phone can do.

KidsConnect KC2 Kids' GPS Tracker Phone
KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone in a person’s hand

Keep track of your child with GPS

So how does this GPS tracker phone work? According to the company website, this gadget’s equipped with GPS/LBS/ Wi-Fi Location. It allows for real-time tracking of the phone via the Android or iOS App or any web-enabled device. With this feature, you can track your child or an elderly family member in real-time. This way, you can be sure they’ll never get lost, because you can find them right on your device.

How the KidsConnect works

Set predetermined areas for your child

Want to make sure your son or daughter has made it safely to a neighborhood friend’s house? The KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone makes that easy. With its Geofencing feature, you can receive a text or email notification through the SECURE TRACKER app when your child arrives at their destination. You can also get texts if they leave that predetermined area. This is useful when you want to ensure your child actually stays at a friend’s house and doesn’t venture off elsewhere.

Use the SOS button for an emergency

Emergencies happen. But luckily, this GPS tracking phone helps your loved ones be prepared for them. In addition to GPS tracking, this assistive smartphone has a bright red emergency button on the bottom center of the device. When a child or senior presses it, the device sends a message with the GPS location to three cell phone numbers. It then autodails each of the numbers until someone answers. This is a handy safety feature that literally keeps your loved one a button-touch away from help. It’s the EDC item you want them to have all the time.

Choose three numbers for speed dial

Another great feature of the KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone is that it comes with three preprogrammed speed-dial numbers that parents and caregivers can easily update. This way, if your child is too young to remember long strings of numbers all he has to do is press 1 to call Mom, for example. Or, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, the speed dial provides a fuss-free way to get into contact with a family member.

Select 15 numbers for the phone book on this practical smartphone

Social media makes it easy to contact just about anyone these days. With this in mind, it’d be nice to have some control, at least, over who calls your child. And with the KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone, you can. This phone only has space for 15 phone numbers that your child can call. These are also the only numbers that can call the phone when you this GPS phone is set to Family Mode. Of course, you can change any of the preprogrammed numbers at any time. And according to the company’s website, the process is easy.

Keep an ear on who’s talking to your child

When your child is alone, it’s nice to know that you can listen in on their surroundings. That way, you always know what’s going on around them. The KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone lets you do that with its voice monitoring feature. Also, the location history feature shows you where your child has been. This is useful if you weren’t able to keep an eye on their whereabouts in real-time.

Enjoy advanced parental controls

With the KidsConnect KC2 kids’ GPS tracker phone, the parents are always in charge. The SECURE TRACKER apps and website are only accessible through your email and password. And your child’s phone can only be turned off by you. This way, you can be sure it won’t power off accidentally in your child’s backpack. You also receive a text when the battery is dying so that you can be sure it gets to the charger, ASAP.

The KidsConnect KC2 GPS kids’ tracker phone is a super useful device for parents as it helps them be near their children when they can’t be. It’s not always a great idea to give your child a smartphone, but a pared-down tracking phone like this one can help you keep tabs and stay in touch.

The KidsConnect KC2 GPS kids’ tracker phone costs $79.95, and you can get it on the company’s official website. What’s your favorite safety device for your kids or loved ones? Let us know about them in the comment section.

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