Mark is the perfect cardholder for minimalists

Mark is the perfect cardholder for minimalists

The trend of minimalism has been popular for the past four years. Everyone seems to have jumped on board and we’ve changed everything from our style to our home décor. However, minimalism isn’t just about form; it’s also about function. Fitting into the minimalist trend perfectly is the Mark cardholder. This wallet:
– securely holds your essentials
– uses premium materials
– remains superbly slim
– is perfect for minimalists

The wallet for minimalists

Of course, any item that is a part of your everyday carry has to meet your standards for functionality. This is where Mark shines. It has a capacity of up to 8 of your cards. In addition, Mark can carry up to 20 bills. The design of the cardholder also contributes to its functionality. On the front is a triangle cut out in the material while the back has another cut out. With this, you can easily push your most-used cards out of the wallet for effortless accessibility. On the side of the wallet is a small but robust loop. This tab attaches to your key ring so you only need to remember one thing when you leave the house.

Mark is the perfect cardholder for minimalists

Classic materials

Furthering the minimalist design of the cardholder is the use of two premium materials. The interior uses a 900D polyester canvas that is highly durable for everyday use. The exterior of Mark features super soft Italian crazy horse leather. No two pieces of this leather are the same. Along with your choice of four canvas colors, each Mark cardholder is totally unique. And, to really make it your own, the leather will age over time to develop a splendid patina.

Mark is the perfect cardholder for minimalists

Perfectly timeless

Mark is the ultimate wallet even for those not into minimalism. Holding all of your essentials, the cardholder ensures your pockets are never too bulky. When it’s empty, Mark measures only 4mm thick and weighs only 0.6 ounces. With all of the convenient features, it integrates seamlessly into your every day.

Mark is the perfect cardholder for minimalists

What We ❤️️

Too many wallets are about capacity and forget about form. We love the always-slim design and loads of features.

Future Designs

Mark does it all – we’d only like to see more colors!

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Kickstarter: Until May 29th
Pledge: $20
Delivery: August 2017

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