Mixed Animals is a Marvelous Plush Toy With Magnetic Interchangeable Accessories

Mixed Animals is a Marvelous Plush Toy With Magnetic Interchangeable Accessories

How many times in your childhood have you thought that your teddy’s nose could have been a bit more elongated or wondered how it would be like to adorn its back with the scales of a dinosaur? Given the hours we spent with our soft toys at that age, we were bound to think deeper on how to improvise them. Customizing the looks of your goods and accessories has been there within our minds since Stone Age. So why leave the plush toys behind? Why should all teddy bears look the same? Why can’t some of them have bigger tails or three ears for example! You might think I am crazy but I had friends in my life who did think that way and often tore up their teddy, only to customize the look in their own style later. But this was what our lives were like two decades ago. Now, the scenario is quite different. Thanks to the team behind Huzi Design.

Mixed Animals soft toy

With their collection being aimed towards the more imaginative and creative bunch of people, Huzi Design has already been surprising us with innovative products that have a pleasing twist in design. As they say on their website, “We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With our back to the basics mandate, we create designs for analog play that can stand the test of time.”

Mixed Animals

Now they want your kids to test their imagination even further with their latest collection called “Mixed Animals“. This is unlike any plush animal you’ve seen before because it comes with magnetic interchangeable accessories. What do you know – Your kid could become the next best creative designer in the field of making plush toys.

Mixed Animals magnetic plush animal

Unleashing Creativity in a New Way

Mixed Animals will force you to test the wildness of your imagination. The set includes an Animal Body (1 head, 1 body, 2 arms, 2 legs) and 5 Accessories you can combine in whatever way you please so as to come up with an extraordinary result. Super Soft Polyester has been used to handcraft the body parts which are cosy like any general soft toy but are provided with the ability to conform itself depending on your creative thinking capacity.

Mixed Animals plush toys

Magnetic Parts Make Them Easy to Handle

Every piece in this futuristic plush toy has been carefully hand stitched with magnets inside. This is to make your creativity sessions with your Mixed Animal easy and hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about tearing apart the pieces in order to make them look like you want to. So you can create your own species of soft toys with horns, paws and other innovative parts depending on where your brain takes you. I think mine will take me towards creating a bear with horns and elongated nose (kind of a half-elephant half-bear approach you can say!).

Mixed Animals magnetic plush toys

Make Use of Your Imagination Skills

Handicrafts have always got this skillful approach in design which is what makes them eye-pleasing and much appreciated in the general consumer world. One look at the Mixed Animals will tell you this isn’t an exception either. Your kids will love it and so will you when you go back down the lanes of childhood memory and rebuild those creative thoughts once again through your 21st Century plush toys. Available at a price of $59, Mixed Animals is what can truly challenge your imagination. Happy Gadgeting!

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