Socialbambi is the new network for making IRL friends

Most social networks are made for connecting with people you already know. But what if you want to make new buddies? Socialbambi is a new network for making IRL friends and planning meetups, based around shared interests.

Socialbambi is the new network for making IRL friends
Make new friends with Socialbambi
  • How do you make friends online? Try to find groups related to your interests or location. You can then start chatting with people and build trust.
  • Is it safe to meet online friends in person? Meet in a public place (such as a café) and you should be fine. Take a trusted friend along if you’re not sure.
  • What is the best app for making IRL friends? Socialbambi is completely focused on offline connections, meaning you won’t get dragged into months of messaging.

Back in the early days of Facebook and Twitter, such sites were known as “social networks.” While the term holds a little truth, the reality is that these platforms are quite anti-social. We mainly interact with people we already know, and our interactions with strangers are often less than friendly. Socialbambi is a new network that wants to refocus on the social side. This app lets you make and meet new IRL friends without the endless messaging.

How do you meet IRL friends online?

Making friends online is easy. With the whole world at your fingertips, it’s easy to find someone with similar interests. You can then chat around the clock, even if you live in completely different parts of the world.

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Unfortunately, converting those online buddies into IRL friends can be difficult. Even if you happen to be within travelling distance of one another, both parties need to be like-minded in wanting to meet.

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Find new IRL friends with Socialbambi

If you want to build real-world friendships, Socialbambi can help. Dubbed the “world’s fastest meetup platform”, this app helps you connect with people who want to meet face to face. This means no more time-wasters and less time wasted on social media.

How does a meetup platform work?

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Try new things, meet new people

At present, the only platforms based around IRL meetups are for groups and for dating. Socialbambi takes the best things about these apps and channels them into building personal connections.

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Socialbambi offers loads of activities

Getting started on Socialbambi is pretty straightforward. After creating your account, you select an activity you want to share with new friends. You can then discover activities posted by other users in your area and match with like-minded people.

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Finding people is easy with Socialbambi

The app allows you to chat with new connections and organize meetups. For added peace of mind, Socialbambi verifies users by ID. This means you know exactly who you are meeting.

Whether you’re looking for a photography buddy or someone to play games with, this platform can help you find the perfect match.

“Socialbambi is a platform which lets people with similar interests connect over activities locally in a fast, fun, convenient and safe manner. Spend less time online and more time meeting up with real people doing things you like doing the most.” — Socialbambi on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

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You can find people with common intersts on Socialbambi

Research shows that we are spending too much time looking at screens and not enough time socializing in person. Socialbambi makes it easy to find new people to hang out with, even if you’re new to the area.

Future designs

Socialbambi is currently in the early design stages, so there’s a long way to go before we see the finished app. It will be interesting to see how the platform comes to life over the next year or so!


– Kickstarter: Until September 6th

– Pledge: $29 USD

– Delivery: July 2020

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