BIRLINE Watches Are a New Generation of Luxury Wristwatches

BIRLINE Watches Are a New Generation of Luxury Wristwatches

The world of wristwatches is literally overflowing with numerous new designs and concepts that look different than the luxury watch designs of the past. Be it the grand appearance of the Robber Baron edition or the simplicity of Cogito Pop, those time keepers you’ve been wearing on your wrists have had a tremendous growth in the way they are manufactured and concepted over time. But out of all this new designs that you have witnessed till date, there lies some kind of similarity which makes them all fall under the same genre. There may be detailed features separating one from another but when it comes to the look and feel, it’s difficult to choose a luxury watch that stands out from the lot. To add to this, there’s the high price tag which is often unaffordable for the average income group. Luxury watches need not be over decorated with features and beauty, a simple and classic design is all a watch lover needs on his/her wrist. The hunt for such modern looking luxury wristwatches was what led two Swedish people living in Spain, Alex and Andy, the founders of BIRLINE watches to discover this new series of affordable and stylish wristwatches that merge beautifully with your daily lifestyle.

Harris Tweed is Their “Aha” Moment

What came as the real “Aha” moment for the BIRLINE Watch manufacturers was when they found this unique material called Harris Tweed which not only worked wonders as the watch strap but also stood out from the other competitors in the market who haven’t yet made use of this material in watchmaking. Handwoven at the home of a weaver in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, the genuine Harris Tweed material is made from pure virgin wool which has been dyed and spun on the islands. By law, this material is permitted to be produced in the Outer Herbrides and nowhere else. As depicted under their Kickstarter page, “Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament.”

BIRLINE Wristwatch

It’s got high durability and can last for years where the material will only look better with time. To use such an excellent material in your everyday watch is surely a brilliant idea BIRLINE Watch manufacturers came upon and made good use of. They chose the highest quality tweed and handpicked the brightest colors to pair these straps with their ultra thin watches that made them look sophisticated and simple at the same time. The design has been made in such a way so that you can use these watches in both casual and formal occasions.


No Unnecessary Distractions

In order to make the watch dial complement the colorful straps, the manufacturers chose to remove all unnecessary distractions from the watch dial and make it look as simple as it can. They decided to use Quartz movements so as to offer timekeeping accuracy that requires no additional maintenance. The case diameter has been kept at 40mm which fits the standard size for both men and women. To add to this, the tweed strap has also been provided with a comfortable leather backing to avoid feeling itchy on the hand. The case thickness has also been minimized to 7mm to keep up with the “less is more” approach BIRLINE Watch manufacturers want to bring forth in the world of wristwatches.

BIRLINE wristwatch on kickstarter

You’ll get them in 18 vibrant colors that can merge with your modern lifestyle both for men and women. Since Harris Tweed is cultured as a luxury material among fashion houses and stylists, this line of wristwatches is surely made keeping the fashion-forward generation in mind. Currently available at a pre-order price of $120 on Kickstarter, it’s time you get yourself a luxurious wristwatch with the presence of Harris Tweed excellence. Happy Gadgeting!

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