SNAP Together Your Own Furniture

SNAP Together Your Own Furniture

Neat little gadgets and devices run our day to day lives. We have something for everything like a garden watering device or some cool 3D printer. Many gadgets take old ideas and make them new or allow us to have some major convenience in our lives. SNAP by Be-elastic is the latter; they add major convenience with furniture solutions all while tapping your style 100%.

SNAP allows you to create your own table however you want. It can be as unique as you are, as quirky as you are, or as basic as you are. Due to SNAP’s ability to turn any board into a table, you can finally have a place to set your keys, your dentures, or anything else lacking some horizontal support.

Bike Wheel table

SNAP looks like a re-shaped heavy duty paper clip but its abilities go far beyond that. With no electronics, SNAP’s mechanism allows any board to become a table. The great thing about it is that you can get your precise style in your home with just one gadget. Any board, or object that resembles a board (such as a mirror or a bike wheel), can be used. This means that you can transform your space as often as you’d like, exactly as you need, and according to whatever direction in which your style is headed.

Using SNAP is the easiest of any gadget. You simply hold down the lever, place your board in the open space, let go, and tighten the elastic; no tools required. That’s all it takes to turn your old yet beautiful front door into a conversation-starting coffee table. The optimum thickness for your board is about .4 to 1.57”, or about 1-4 cm. There are no holes to drill which means the possibilities are endless; you can use wood, glass, or even marble for your table. With epoxy paint-coated steel and PVC-coated rope with a breaking load of over 550 lbs (250 kg), you don’t need to worry about SNAP, well, snapping.

Dart Board table

Althoguh the prototypes originally made out of clothes hangers, SNAP’s aesthetic is eye catching. It’s elegant yet sturdy and minimal yet decorative; you can make things simple with just a piece of wood for a table or go all out with something personalised, like a dart board. They’re designed to not harm your board in any way, such as scratching or denting. They’re also portable so you can have a coffee table, bookcase, or TV stand anywhere you need, which is perfect for camping, BBQs, and festivals.

Additionally, you’re able to stack SNAP with up to 154 pounds (98 kg) so you’re never out of space. The design of SNAP creates a nook for the next shelf; the shelf can’t slip out of place. You also have your choice of colour combinations to go with any interior. You can have the steel in grey, white, brown, light blue, dark blue, or orange and the cable colour in yellow, green, white, or red (for those not mathematically inclined, like myself, that’s 24 pairing options!). SNAP come in pairs with a “left” and a “right” and either 14” or 17”.

SNAP side table

They begin at $60 (~£40) for two up to a set of twelve for $300 (~£195) and will begin to ship in October 2015.

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