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The Gadget Flow is a platform that helps you discover the best products of the web with 9-12 new additions every day. It also provides you with the option of saving your favorite products in a private or public wishlist for future use. It was founded in 2012 with one mission in mind; to simplify online product exploration.

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Internet's first quality based product database. We Publish New Content Every 6 Hours including weekends & holidays.

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Access the platform from a browser or download the apps for iOS, Android and soon for Windows Devices.

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With 7K products and over 60+ Collections you'll definitely find the perfect gift for your loved ones.


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8 Experienced authors produce 20+ Stories, In-Depth reviews & roundups on our blog each week.

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We ve built our platform and apps based on numerous case studies. Our goal is to simplify online product exploration and help you discover more great products by spending less time browsing.

12 Awesome People from 5 Beautiful Countries

  • Evan Varsamis Founder & CEO / Lead UI Designer

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    Evan Varsamis
  • Cassie Ousta Co-Founder / Customer Support

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    Cassie Ousta
  • Mike Chliounakis Co-Founder / Marketing Manager

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    Mike Chliounakis
  • John Antoniou Chief Technology Officer

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    John Antoniou
  • Madhurima Nag Editor in Chief / Operations

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    Madhurima Nag
  • Weston Lanpher Blog Author

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    Weston Lanpher
  • Mark Myerson Blog Author

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    Mark Myerson
  • Stephanie Stutz Blog Author

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    Stephanie Stutz
  • Ashley Timms Blog Author

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    Ashley Timms
  • Michael Cheng Blog Author

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    Michael Cheng
  • Kayla Matthews Blog Author

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    Kayla Matthews
  • David Reis Front End Developer

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    David Reis