The Gadget Flow is a free platform that helps you discover the coolest products of the web but also provides you with the option of saving your favorites in private or public wish lists for future use. It was founded in 2012 with one mission in mind; to simplify online product exploration while maintaining top quality content.

"We showcase the coolest products of the web"

Today, more than 17 million people across every continent visit The Gadget Flow yearly to discover amazing products, out of which over 30 thousand people have already become regular users. We have always welcomed great people from across the globe to join our team and would love to see more fresh, innovative minds be a part of it. So if you are interested on helping people discover great products and simplify the online shopping experience, you may just want to check our current job openings.

Our Core Values

As we grow on a daily basis we felt that it’s important to define our core values that made us who we are today and helped us develop our brand and business. Below you may find the values we live by:

Deliver lots of AHA moments

Our mission is to seek for the coolest products that are available on the web and present them to you without the unnecessary clutter, make you go AHA and share it with your friends and family. We won’t settle for something less.

Show Respect and Gratitude

We love treating our users and customers with respect and gratitude, We believe that every single visit on our platform is unique and we want you to feel special for being part of it.

Do more with Less

We believe in minimalism of things. We always try to simplify the platform, the user interface and everything in between for the smoothest user experience we can provide you.

Focus on Self Improvement

We constantly try to improve ourselves by learning new skills, cultivate new habits, Meditate and ask for feedback.

Meet the Team

Evan Varsamis

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Evan is the Founder & CEO Driven by his passion for technology, innovation and vision of an ever improving and informative web. He is also the Lead UI/UX Designer

Cassie Ousta

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Cassie Ousta, VP of Marketing & Customer Support is making sure that every single customer is satisfied while she develop’s our brand’s growth strategy.

Mike Chliounakis

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Our Editor in Chief and Co-Founder, Mike is responsible for the content as well as for our social media profiles and their activities. He also contributes to the Gadget Flow blog.

John Antoniou

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John is our CTO. He is responsible for the server and the software that make up the Gadget Flow. He is passionate about software, servers and everything in between.

Madhurima Nag

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Content Imagineer, loves all things related to digital media and is willing to reside on Jupiter someday. Her mission is simple, to excavate innovation from the very roots of technology.

Weston Lanpher

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Weston is the new guy around here. He is a gadget geek to the core and has a passion for the technology of the future. You’ll love his weekly Gadget Reviews.

Mark Myerson

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Technology mystic, photography enthusiast and self-confessed tweetaholic, Mark will be reviewing the cutting edge of new tech on the blog. Unlike Madhurima, he prefers to be Earth-based, but will commute.

Nino Macheti

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Nino Marchetti is a freelance journalist covering lifestyle and consumer technology topics. He’s been doing writing for a variety of print and online organizations for over a decade.

Stephanie Stutz

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As a content writer and tech enthusiast, Stephanie explores the depths of the web in search of enthralling gadgets and technology. Her blog posts are inspired by science fiction- made reality.

Ashley Timms

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A linguist by trade and a geek by nature, Ashley enjoys gadgets that combine new technology and wow-factor practicability. She's usually found behind a camera, daydreaming about going to the moon, or teaching her dog useful tricks.

Michael Cheng

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Michael is a writer, tech enthusiast and marathon trainer. He enjoys building connections, fiddling with new gadgets and spending time outdoors. Donuts and biscuits are his favorite breakfast items.