Best window cleaning robots to squeaky clean your home

Summer is here and you know that means. It’s a great time to clean your windows, of course. With the spring rain and pollen nearly gone, the longer, drier days give you the perfect opportunity to get your windows sparkling. But you don’t have to set up a wobbly ladder or call a window washer to get the job done. Check out these window cleaning robots for the fastest, safest way to clean your windows.

Best window cleaning robots to squeaky clean your home
Window Cleaning Robot Design in Black

Since you probably spent a lot of your spring indoors, you might have realized just how dirty your windows are. You might even be wondering just how much brighter your living room would be if you cleaned them. But washing the windows takes serious effort, what with setting up a ladder and squeegeeing hard-to-reach areas. That’s why you’re going need one of these window cleaning robots to clean your home smarter.

Our grandparents’ generation dreamed of having robots that could do everyday chores, and here we are. With these window cleaning robots, all you have to do is press a button, and the gadget does the rest. Some of these robots are wireless, map their cleaning route, and can even clean your floors and walls. For the cleanest home or business, you’ll want to check them out. Or perhaps one of these smart home gadgets will strike your fancy.

Regardless, we’re sure you’ll welcome a way to keep the glass surfaces of your home pristine. Read on and never worry about dirty windows again.

Hobot 298 Window Cleaning Robot

The Hobot 298 Window Cleaning Robot will make sure the windows in your home and business are sparkling—with minimal effort from you. The Hobot 298 washes with cleaner or just plain water to remove any impurities. This robot window cleaner is fast—it can clean a square meter in only two and a half minutes. You’ll love that it keeps track of where it’s’s cleaned on your window and that it stops as soon as it’s’s finished.

Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

This useful gadget takes the risk out of cleaning windows. The Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner can wash the windows of tall buildings. This easy-to-use gadget follows an intelligent cleaning route with triple cleaning properties. But that’s not all this robot can do; it’s also capable of sweeping floors and cleaning walls or tables.

Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Cop Rose Smart Robot on a Window

Gladwell Gecko Electric Robot Cleaner

You’ll never have to set aside an entire Saturday morning to clean your windows again when you have the Gladwell Gecko Electric Robot Cleaner. This smart home gadget has LED indicators and notification buzzers that will let you know about the robot’s progress. Also, its app and manual power mean you won’t have to go hunting for a remote. Best of all, its pads are washable and won’t scratch your windows.

Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Gecko Robot Window Cleaner with a Woman and Child

Mamibot W120 Window Cleaning Robot

Another of the window cleaning device we’d recommend when you want to deep clean your home is the Mamibot W120 Window Cleaning Robot. This practical and versatile gadget can clean framed and frameless glass, including tables. It can also wash floors and wall surfaces—because you know how dirty those can get. Additionally, Mamibot boasts intelligent cleaning routes, an anti-fall sensor, and an app compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Mamibot W120 Window Cleaning Robot

Mamibot W120 on a White Background


Since everything is wireless these days, devices that clean your windows should be too. The ECOVACS ROBOTICS WINBOT X Robotic Window Cleaner is free-moving, smart, and—best of all—cordless. This means the WINBOT X can cover more surface and tackle the tallest of windows. And with a four-stage cleaning system that cleans, wipes, and squeegees in four directions, your windows will sparkle all the time.


ECOVACS ROBOTIC WINBOT X Robotic Window Cleaner on a White Background

DEMU Automatic Vacuum Window Cleaning Robot

With its gold color, the DEMU Automatic Vacuum Window Cleaning Robot is a stylish way to keep your windows clear. This smart gadget scans and calculates the size of your windows and mirrors then devises a custom path for cleaning them. With a one-touch operation, the DEMU is easy to use by remote.

DEMU Automatic Vacuum Window Cleaning Robot

DEMU Automatic Vacuum Window Cleaning Robot on a Window with Curtain

FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot 

This quiet gadget will let you carry on with your day without intrusive noise. That’s because the FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot features reduced noise pollution without loss of suction. With its one-button start, this robotic window cleaner is easy to use. Best of all, this gadget will thoroughly clean your windows since it cleans in three directions.

FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner Robot 

FENGRUI R-C901 on a White Background

Wexbi Electric Cleaner Robot

Get clean windows fast with the Wexbi Electric Cleaner Robot. This automatic window cleaner takes only three minutes to clean 10.8 ft2 and is very quiet. This means you can keep watching TV or listening to your favorite music as it cleans. Its built-in UPS anti-falling system makes sure the robot sticks to its surface if the power suddenly cuts off. Finally, Wexbi will automatically return to its origin after it’s done cleaning.

Wexbi Window Cleaner Robot

Wexbi Window Cleaner Robot on a White Background


So, are you ready to have nice, clean windows with almost no effort on your, or anyone else’s, part? I know I am. And I’m thinking the Mamibot looks like it’s about the best option for me since I’ve got a glass table. But what about you? Let us know if any of these window cleaning robots will make its way to your cleaning closet.

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