The Alchema Makes Cider Brewing a Cinch

The Alchema Makes Cider Brewing a Cinch

As I’m sure you’ve noticed in the past few years, cider has quickly become all the rage as the latest and tastiest must-have beverage. With hundreds of varieties and flavors ranging from classic apple to delicious pear, it’s clear this tipple is here to stay. However, finding that perfect cider isn’t as easy as you’d like. Why not try making your own with Alchema?

The Alchema is a home brewing system that allows you to create, imbibe and enjoy a variety of ciders and flavors. Whether you’re into the traditional taste or are feeling particularly sinful, the Alchema ticks all the boxes.


At this point, you’re probably assuming the entire process is as arduous as other homebrew methods but, you’re wrong. The Alchema simplifies the entire process. After the system sanitizes the included pitcher, you simply add your chosen fruit along with sugar, water, and yeast, and you’re done. In about one to two weeks the app will automatically notify you that the batch is ready. All that’s left to do is enjoy your delicious cider right at home.


Keeping your batch safe during the fermentation process are a variety of technologies. At the top of the Alchema is a rubber seal to ensure it’s airtight when it needs to be. Also on the lid is an air pressure sensor along with a gas release as well as the UV-C LED sanitizing light. The bottom is equipped with a built-in scale and light so you can see the ingredients as you add them. Conveniently, the app communicates with the scale in real time to show you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ve added.


During the whole process, the Alchema remains wirelessly connected to the app on your smartphone. You’re able to view a progress report of each batch along with the alcohol content as it continues. The fermentation monitor also tracks the health of the batch by analyzing a few key parameters.

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Using the Alchema app, you can access and follow countless recipes all which show the brewing time, alcohol content, and flavors such as the sweetness, acidity, bitterness, and astringency. The recipes themselves are fantastically easy to follow as they each indicate the type and quantity of fruit, sugar, and water as well as the exact amount of yeast. You can even get super creative and develop your own recipe to share with the Alchema community.


As you’ve probably guessed, the Alchema is already fully funded on Kickstarter with an amazing $260k and counting. You have until September 9th to reserve your own Alchema at the semi early bird price of only $359. Shipping in August 2017, this device will deliver with every batch.

What tasty flavors would you add to your cider?

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