This bamboo music system sounds as beautiful as it looks

Looking to get incredible sound in a speaker system that actually looks good in your house? Check out this bamboo music system from iFi, a British audio company. This gadget will adapt its sound to your room, and its design will impress you and your guests every time you look at it.

This bamboo music system sounds as beautiful as it looks
iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System on a Table

A great sound system is the key to enjoying music when you’re at home. Quality speakers lend a note (pun intended) of depth to whatever you’re listening to, and the best sound systems do some automatic adjusting depending on the room’s acoustics, too. But all too often, those sound systems have an unimaginative design. One that becomes an eyesore when clashes with all the furniture and accessories you selected for your living room. But this bamboo music system is different.

Created by Julien Haziza, the iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System features Automatic Room Tailoring (ART). Likewise, it adapts sound to the room it’s in. Framed in airy bamboo with aluminum outlines, the aesthetic echoes Tokyo’s Omotesandō and Harajuku districts. This makes the iFi Aurora not just a sound system but also a statement piece you’ll be proud to display in any room of your smart home.

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System Side Detail

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System Back View

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System

Wireless Bamboo Music System Top View

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System

Wireless Bamboo Music System Bottom View

iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System

Bamboo Music System Remote

Enjoy incredible sound in any room

Frustrated by the acoustics in your living room? What about your bedroom or home office? This music system won’t let you put up with inferior sound, anywhere. The Aurora combines several proprietary technologies to give you a sound experience unique to any other tabletop music system. With its ART technology, this bamboo music system gives you an effect similar to the adjustments a live music engineer would make at a mixing desk. Can you imagine having event-quality sound at your next home dinner party? The iFi Aurora can make this a reality.

This technology also gives you the flexibility to create a fantastic sound wherever you want to place this gadget. Set it on your desk to work to a beat or place it under your smart TV for audio that a soundbar just can’t compete with. No matter when you set it, this speaker will give you an incredible performance.

Design with its clean aesthetic

I already mentioned the iFi Aurora’s bamboo-clad exterior. But you’ll also love that six drive units hide behind the gadget’s curving bamboo fins, so as not to interrupt the clean aesthetic. Also hidden are two bass radiators, completing this sound system’s minimalist look. The control panel is right in the center and features touch-sensitive controls and an OLED display.

Experience high-quality Bluetooth streaming

Another great thing about this bamboo music system’s sound is its Bluetooth streaming. The iFi Bluetooth streaming delivers much better sound quality than your typical Bluetooth speakers because iFi has engineered it to be less lossy. Also, Aurora supports the latest high-quality Bluetooth codecs, including aptX HD, LDAC, LDHC, and AAC.

Connect your Apple AirPlay

If you use Apple AirPlay, you’ll be able to connect your iPhone or other Apple devices to stream to this bamboo music system. So you’ll be able to listen to all of your favorite songs, videos, and more right on this system.

Get more great sound features

As if the ART and high-quality Bluetooth weren’t enough, the iFi Aurora also has a TrueBass system that delivers accurate bass with realistic depth and definition. The dual-level depth control lets you adjust the bass just the way you like it. Also, its hybrid design incorporates various amplification technologies for a sound that combines pure tone with high-engagement, speed, and dynamic gusto.

Finally, SoundSpace will fill your room with immersive performance, allowing your soundstage to extend by width, height, and depth. You’ll experience scale and space you can feel, which is something you wouldn’t normally expect from an all-in-one speaker. So the sound you get from the iFi Aurora will make doing chores, working out, and cooking dinner experiences you’ll look forward to every day.

This tabletop speaker will suit you for years

The iFi Aurora bamboo music system combines impressive sound with an incredible design. Because why should you sacrifice one for the other? With such great attributes, this is a tabletop speaker that is going to last you for a long time. It’ll provide you with unbelievable sound, and it has a look that enhances the design scheme of any room you place it in. In short, it’s not a gadget you’ll easily part with.

The iFi Aurora Wireless Bamboo Music System costs $1,399.99 and is available on the company’s official website.

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