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Latest Wearable Gadget Reviews Such as Google Glass, Galaxy Nexus Watch or Moto Watch

Wearable Tech

FREUTOY helps you unlock hidden pleasure

What are the best sex toys for beginners? A vibrator or anal plug is a good way to get started. Why wear an anal plug? Anal plugs provide constant stimulation and can help you prepare for fun later in the..

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The MagiMask AR headset will make you feel immersed

What is augmented reality? This technology allows you to enjoy digital content in a real world setting. What AR content is currently available? From brain-teasing puzzles of Euclidean Lands to Mondly’s language learning, there’s a lot of AR content to..

Wearable Tech

NOWA Shaper might be the best looking smartwatch ever

What’s the best new wearable tech? Check out our collection of activity monitors, smartwatches and other wearable gadgets. Do all smartwatches have touchscreens? Nope. Hybrid smartwatches put digital features inside an analog timepiece. What is the best hybrid smartwatch? The..

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How the new Apple Watch points to the future of wearable tech

What’s new on the Apple Watch Series 4? A bigger screen, a heart rate monitor, better battery life, and more Is the Apple Watch the best fitness wearable? That’s debatable, but you could make a strong case in favor of..

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Want to be eco-friendly? You need to see Poseidon watches

What are the best eco-friendly gadgets? Have a browse through our collection of great green products. Is recycled plastic good for the environment? Yes. It takes plastic out of the environment, and it’s better than burning. What are the best..

Wearable Tech

Back or neck pain? Posture Keeper is the simple solution

What causes back pain at work? Bad posture is a common cause. Slouching or hunching is a particular problem. What causes neck pain at work? Most often, it’s bad posture again. Leaning forward puts your neck at an unnatural angle...

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