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Wearable Tech

Create amazing 3D models with the new Wunder360 camera

What is a 360-degree camera? It’s a video camera that can capture the view in all directions at the same time. Why do I need VR video? Being able to look around is way more immersive than staring at a... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Get instant heat when you need it with the Comfort Touch scarf

How long until winter? Cold conditions might feel like a distant memory, but winter is only 146 days away. What are the best winter accessories? Check out our carefully curated collection. Is there a heated winter scarf? Yes there is,... Continue Reading

Wearable Tech

Roader makes it easy to create a personal highlight reel

What are the best alternatives to YouTube? Try going live on Facebook or uploading content to IGTV, Instagram’s new platform. How can I create a video journal? Simply use your smartphone or a wearable camera to record the best moments... Continue Reading

Wearable Tech

6 VR headsets that will take you straight to the future

What’s the future of virtual reality? Apart from Spielberg’s idea of being a physical part of a virtual game, XPRIZE is aiming to build robot avatars that let you see, hear, and feel by 2021. Can virtual reality work underwater?... Continue Reading

Wearable Tech

Awakening Mask is the wearable alternative to energy drinks

Why are energy drinks bad? They raise your blood pressure for hours and cause abnormal heart rhythms. What are the best methods of staying awake? Keep moving, keep eating, and keep drinking. The scent of peppermint oil can also help.... Continue Reading

Wearable Tech

DR.W. is a beautiful wristwatch and pocket watch in one

What is a pocket watch? It’s a larger kind of watch that’s designed for being worn. These vintage timepieces are really hot right now. How do you wear a pocket watch? You can hang your watch from your belt, or... Continue Reading

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