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Product Stories

Velu bandanas will help you breathe better

How do you reduce hay fever symptoms? The most effective measure is to use some kind of air filter or mask. What is a MERV rating? The “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” rates the ability of air filters to capture dust..

Product Stories

PocketCam is one impressive little action camera

Aren’t action cameras really expensive? No, not at all. You can get some great little cameras for under $100. What are the most important features for an action camera? Look for HD resolution, at least 60 frames per second, a..

Wearable Tech

MovieMask is the ultimate wearable movie theater

Can you watch movies through a VR headset? Yes, although your view is somewhat restricted — like wearing goggles in a movie theater. Do all VR headsets have two lenses? Most VR headsets do. However, some 2D headsets ditch the..

Wearable Tech

Nuke Venom modular sunglasses are easy on the eyes

What are modular sunglasses? Eyewear with parts that are interchangeable, such as lenses, arms, and other parts of the frame. What are the benefits of modular sunglasses? Depending on the glasses, you may be able to change the kind of..

Wearable Tech

Pyra M is the new smartwatch with a classic look

Do all smartwatches have touchscreens? No, actually. Many smartwatches now hide their techy features inside an analog wrapper. What is a hybrid movement? It’s a watch action that combines elements of both Quartz and mechanical movements. What is the best..

Wearable Tech

Beautiful simplicity is the tagline of ZEITSTÜCK watches

Why do they say that less is more? Adding extra features often makes a product more confusing or difficult to use. What is a semi-mechanical watch? It’s another name for a self-winding watch; a timepiece driven by battery power. What..

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