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Wearable Tech

Latest Wearable Gadget Reviews Such as Google Glass, Galaxy Nexus Watch or Moto Watch

Product Stories

How Can You Make Your Kids Love Exercise? Try PlayGoal

Being a parent today is more challenging than ever. Along with the age-old concerns of schooling and nutrition, modern moms and dads have to manage the digital world. Unless you have a gameplan, your kids can quickly become addicted to... Continue Reading

Wearable Tech

AYO Is the Ultimate Tool for Beating Jet Lag

The human brain needs at least seven hours’ sleep every night to function properly. Yet the slightest change to your routine can leave you restless for nights. If you have to travel overseas, the problems can reach crisis point. Essentially,... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Enjoy Natural Luxury with Woodgrain Watches

As the science of materials advanced over the past decades, we became obsessed with shiny metals. To this day, featureless aluminum unibody designs hold a special place in our hearts. Likewise, stainless steel became the unthinking choice of watchmakers. But... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Livestream Your Perspective with the Shonin Streamcam

Humans are both predictable and unpredictable. It’s inevitable that you will have a major disagreement with another person at some point. But rarely do we foresee these confrontations before they occur. As a result, you can be left without any... Continue Reading

Product Stories

How Withings Evolved to Be the New Force in Health Technology

Up until last year, Withings was an independent French startup with big ideas. The brand was best known for its smart bathroom scales, which allowed users to monitor key health metrics. The Withings range also included stylish activity tracker watches,... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Love Vintage Style? You Need to See the Stunning H Series Watch Collection

There is something about classic watch design that outdoes the modern competition. Somehow, seeing a physical movement ticking away feels more authentic than glancing at yet another touchscreen. You might also say there is something reassuring about a device that... Continue Reading

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