Enjoy better skincare when you shower with Skin Majestic

With purifying vitamin C and soothing aromas, Skin Majestic wants to bring a luxurious bathing experience to your morning shower.

Enjoy better skincare when you shower with Skin Majestic

When you’re in a hurry (i.e. every morning), taking a shower is by far the quickest way to freshen up. But for all that you gain in speed, you miss out on the therapeutic effects of bathing. Skin Majestic wants to change that, without inhibiting your morning routine. This range of shower filters helps to purify the stream of water and soothe your mind with pleasing aromas. The filters are also packed with vitamin C, meaning you can enjoy better skincare.

Better skincare

Throughout the world, local authorities add chlorine to the water supply. This additive kills bacteria and prevents the spread of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid.

The addition of chlorine to the water supply has had a very positive effect on world health. But chlorine isn’t totally benign. In certain circumstances, it can combine with other molecules to produce hazardous compounds.

Skin Majestic’s polypropylene filters help you to avoid chlorine and other nasties that are hiding in the water supply. They are also filled with vitamin C, which helps to neutralize any remaining chlorine molecules.

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Hello better skincare

Furthermore, the vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that comes with a long list of extra health benefits. It can help to protect your skin from UV light, improve hair growth, heal wounds, and provide a collagen boost.

[tweet_box]Skin Majestic’s shower filters help you to avoid chlorine and other nasties that are hiding in the water supply.[/tweet_box]

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Packed with goodness

To add the finishing touches to your beauty session, Skin Majestic filters are also loaded with milk powder and propolis.

Dairy products have been used on the skin since ancient times, and milk acts as a cleanser. In addition, you may find your skin is smoother and better hydrated after you shower. Meanwhile, propolis (aka bee glue) is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

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Choose your aroma

Soothing extras

Along with all those beauty treatments, each bottle delivers a pleasing aroma. There are four scents to choose from, each offering a different mood. If you would rather not arrive at the office smelling of lemons, there’s a non-scented version available, too.

“Skin Majestic’s Rejuvenating Aroma Shower Filter is an easy-to-install no-tools-required shower filter that neutralizes chlorine and removes sediments like rust and water-soluble heavy metals from your shower water.…Not only does it get rid of harmful elements — the filter contains vitamin C, milk powder, and propolis for your skin, and aromatherapy scents in four options.” — Skin Majestic on Kickstarter

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Simple installation

The morning spa

Taken as a whole, Skin Majestic filters offer a significant upgrade for folks who prefer to shower. It’s like getting a personal spa treatment every morning.

Future upgrades

While it’s theoretically possible to use these filters on your bath, it would be nice to see a version designed for that purpose.


– Kickstarter: Until April 5th

– Pledge: $30 USD

– Delivery: May 2018

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