10 Best Father’s Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life

Make this Father's Day epic with gadgets that will leave your dad grinning from ear to ear! From gaming to car gadgets, these are the best gifts for dads now.

10 Best Father’s Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life
These Father’s Day tech gifts are sure to please any dad

Are you looking for Father’s Day tech gifts for the cool dad? Discover our top 10 tech picks below. Each gadget delivers innovative solutions while building memories that last.

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When it comes to choosing Father’s Day gifts, we know they deserve everything under the sun. In the United States, nearly half of respondents in 2022 emphasized the significance of uniqueness in their gift choices for Father’s Day. Others stressed the importance of creating lasting memories.

So, as you continue your Father’s Day 2024 gift hunt, let’s explore the top 10 Father’s Day tech gifts that not only convey care but also evoke cherished memories.

1. A laser rangefinder for golf and DIY projects

HOTO Golf Laser Rangefinder
HOTO Golf Laser Rangefinder front view

For fathers who enjoy DIY projects around the house, a proper laser rangefinder can simplify those never-ending projects.

HOTO’s laser rangefinder helps achieve precise targeting with 6x magnification. It’s particularly handy for ensuring that furniture pieces fit together or your new flooring installation is a success.

What’s more? Golfing dads understand the frustration of feeling like their game is falling apart because they need more confidence in their rangefinder’s yardages. Luckily, the laser rangefinder delivers pinpoint accuracy of ±1-yard.

2. A sleek outdoor smartwatch

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro in a video

Moving to another product that helps manage time, watches are definitely a popular Father’s Day gift idea. However, its capacity to withstand harsh environments while still turning heads makes the TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro a highly desirable gift for men.

Here’s what else you get:

  • Streamlined health tracking: Stay updated with your goals, sleep patterns, workouts, heart rate, and more.
  • Long-lasting battery: Be worry-free with 90 hours in Smart Mode and up to 45 days in Essential Mode.
  • Sapphire crystal display: Ensure enduring style with the scratch-resistant quality of the Sapphire crystal.
  • Customization: Choose your favorite apps for quick access.

3. Fingerprint keyless door lock

Aqara Smart Lock U100
Aqara Smart Lock U100 on a modern door

Tech dads everywhere will love the Aqara Smart Lock U100 Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock. Not only does it let Dad unlock the door without a key, but it looks pretty sleek, too.

The lock’s most notable feature (besides the fingerprint reader) is its compatibility with Apple HomeKit. So Dad can unlock the door with a tap using his iPhone or Apple Watch. Plus, the smart home integration features support Matter, Google Home, Alexa, and IFTT.

Moreover, the fingerprint reader and keypad can remember up to 50 fingerprints and passwords, making it one of the smartest door locks right now. And who can argue with the minimalist design that blends naturally into any door?

4. Wireless headphones with ANC

Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 TWS Headphones
Cambridge Audio Melmania M100 TWS in black

Help your Dad hear all of his calls clearly with the Cambrigde Audio Melmania M100 TWS. Their active noise cancellation enables distraction-free calls by cutting out background noise from both sides. But there’s more to it.

The Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 wireless headphones feature aptX Lossless to also provide CD-quality audio—wherever you may be.

5. Versatile digital clock

Sharge Capsule Gravity
Sharge Capsule Gravity with a laptop computer

According to Gitnux, only one in 10 people feel confident in their time-management skills. However, ensuring effective time management allows you to relax and focus on your family without the stress of unfinished tasks.

A digital clock, Sharge Capsule helps Dad stay abreast of work duties via its 3-in-1 timer. At just 130g, men will appreciate its portability, easily slipping it into their pockets for workout sessions and more. Plus, it features a 20W USB-C port for fast, efficient charging.

6. Handheld gaming system

Playdate Handheld Gaming System
Playdate Handheld Gaming System in a person’s hand

If you’re seeking sentimental gifts for Dad, getting a portable game console is a no-brainer.

Featuring 24 free games in various genres, Playdate comes with perfectly clicky buttons and smooth crank action.

7. Wireless car charger

10 Best Father's Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life
Belkin BoostCharge Pro in a vent

When it comes to in-car chargers, you’ll want to consider a couple of factors.

Heat is a slight concern here. Some time ago, my relative went through a challenge during a road trip when both the wireless charger and her phone started overheating. Fortunately, the MagSafe charging suite’s magnetic click capability frees drivers from this worry.

Add to that, wireless chargers like the Belkin BoostCharge Pro minimize connection issues and electrical shock, making them a smart buy.

Finally, with a power output of 15W, your device will reach a full charge by the time you reach your destination.

8. Portable LED projector

ViewSonic M1+ in a video

In terms of useful gifts for Dad, projectors take the spotlight. For a room with limited space, simply install a shelf, connect your projector to your laptop, and you’re good to go. That’s what my professors did back in college.

If you’re not chasing pixel-perfect visuals and prioritize space or budget, a projector can be the perfect option. ViewSonic M1+ is easy to set up and offers portability for 854x480p display resolution.

9. Wearable TV speaker

10 Best Father's Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life
Sony BRAVIA Theater U in a lifestyle scene

Are you considering gifts for the Dad who has it all? A natural and comfortable fit, you can expect clear dialogue in shows and movies with Sony’s BRAVIA Theater U.

But note that with coziness comes a consideration. Since people wear it around their neck, it’s best suited for use while seated on your couch. Though, you can dive into binge-watching without attracting unwanted attention. After all, isn’t that what dads want?

10. Sun-powered portable speaker

10 Best Father's Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life
Solgaard Solar Boombox in black

Bluetooth speakers are now household and travel essentials due to their compact size and convenience.

I’ve used them to play audiobooks from my phone while in bed. Later, I switched to using my phone’s speaker. And I gave it to my Dad, who now uses it to listen to music on Spotify in the garden.

For others, Bluetooth speakers are ideal for parties, BBQs, and fitness sessions.
With 80+ hours of playback, the Solgaard Solar Boombox provides uninterrupted music flow. Charge your Solarbank boombox via USB-C or use its solar panels. One hour of sunlight delivers 2 hours of music.

11. Accurate wireless meat thermometer

10 Best Father's Day tech gifts for all the dads in your life
Typhur Sync and a man cooking meat

Cooking gadgets make great Father’s Day gifts as they cater to Dad’s taste buds. Today, society still associates traditional masculinity with meat consumption.

Therefore, let’s explore how to make meat cooking more effective and efficient. Typhur Sync offers precise temperature detection of up to ±0.5℉. Its WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity let you roam up to 400 feet from the oven.

Additionally, you get durability with the industry-first ZrO2 handle, making drops or impacts no concern.

Final thoughts

Research shows that when picking Father’s Day presents, people prioritize uniqueness and emotional significance.

We went through quite a few Father’s Day gadget gift ideas that cater to these preferences.

However, you know all the dads in your life best. So feel free to take a deep dive into Gadget Flow’s massive catalog to find your unusual Father’s Day gifts.

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