Campfire Audio Orbit review: the everyday earbuds with a fun, sonic profile

Treat yourself to a pair of audiophile earbuds with the Campfire Audio Orbit TWS earbuds. They deliver superior audio and a super comfortable fit.

Campfire Audio Orbit review: the everyday earbuds with a fun, sonic profile
Campfire Audio Orbit earbuds deliver audiophile-quality sound

Are you searching for audiophile-quality earbuds that you can use every day? Then check out the Campfire Audio Orbit. These TWS earbuds transmit realistic sound without the need for DSP.

When listening to music or taking calls on the go, I want the audio quality to be top-notch and realistic. Yes, I want to hear a song the way the artist intended and experience the nuances of my loved ones’ voices.

The Campfire Audio Orbit True Wireless Earbuds fit the bill with their full-range dynamic drivers. Plus, with their ergonomic design, I can keep them in my ears for hours.

Ready for a whole new type of earbud? Then, let’s dive in!

Campfire Audio’s humble beginnings

So, what’s Campfire Audio’s background? It started in 2015 with a team of audio engineers, craftspeople, and designers in Portland, Oregon. Their goal was simple: to give users a next-level listening experience.

The group began as industry newbies, but this was a strength. The team had room to experiment with fresh ideas, allowing them to innovate and build products beloved by audiophiles.

Campfire Audio isn’t your typical audio brand, and that’s the point. So, if you’re looking for unique, high-quality sound, this company has what you’re after.

Campfire Audio Orbit front & side view

A full-range dynamic driver eliminates the need for DSP

As the brand’s first true wireless earbuds, the Orbit earbuds prioritize high-quality sound above anything else. So they don’t use digital sound processing (DSP), which can automatically tweak the mixes sound engineers have worked so hard to create.

While I’m not a discerning audiophile, I prefer hearing original, unmodified work instead of music that has been automatically modified. Those unexpected bumps and higher-than-usual instrumentals are what make the music unique.

And that’s why I appreciate these audiophile TWS earbuds so much. Their full-range dynamic driver eliminates the need for DSP. This results in a fun, low-key listening experience across genres. So whether I’m jamming to acoustic or relaxing to jazz, these earbuds let me enjoy all the nuances.

Multi-codec support means unrivaled audio quality

Meanwhile, these audiophile TWS earbuds transmit high-quality wireless audio, and that’s due to their support for AAC, AptX, and AptX HD audio codecs.

With the AAC, users can expect efficiency in preserving audio quality for streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, and more. And the AptX provides high-quality streaming over a Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, the AptXHD gives you high-definition audio streaming up to 24-bit/48 kHZ, providing higher-resolution audio.

Support for these 3 codecs gives me clear audio transmission at every listening session. I no longer have to suffer through a spotty Bluetooth connection; I can just listen and enjoy.

Long battery life keeps the music flowing

Running out of earbud battery mid-way through a song is frustrating. Luckily, the Campfire Audio Orbit TWS earbuds have a long battery life. Yes, I can listen for up to 8 hours—an entire workday!–without running out of juice.

And when I need more power on the go, I can easily power up using the carrying case. It provides an additional 30 hours of playtime. This ensures my audiophile earbuds are always ready. Recharging is possible through USB-C or Qi wireless charging.

And, speaking of the carrying case, it boasts a conveniently pocketable design. It easily fits into back and coat pockets, so the earbuds are easy to carry around.

High-quality calls ease communication

But music isn’t the only area where these audiophile earbuds excel. They actually make on-the-move communication super easy with their integrated touch controls. I can manage calls hands-free and won’t worry about the quality. The buds have dual high-quality built-in microphones.

Then, for listening convenience, the touch controls also let me skip tracks, adjust the volume, and more—all without stopping to look at my phone. Meanwhile, the controls are customizable, so I can set them the way I prefer.

Is so much convenience possible from a pair of audiophile earbuds? In this review, the answer is yes!

An ergonomic fit keeps these TWS earbuds comfy

I’ve always had difficulty finding earbuds that fit. Most are too large, and I spend an entire album trying to adjust them in my ears.

This isn’t an issue with the Campfire Audio Orbit. They boast a comfortable, ergonomic fit and come with both Marshmallow and Silicon tips in various sizes. They’re included in the box, so I can determine my size and start listening immediately.

Innovative earbuds for audiophile sound

After stepping into the world of audiophile-quality sound with the Campfire Audio Orbit, I can say that these wireless gems have exceeded my expectations. With their authentic sonic experience, I find these earbuds elevate my daily listening.

The commitment to delivering superior audio quality is evident in every aspect of the Campfire Audio Orbit, from the full-range dynamic drivers to the support for multiple codecs. The long battery life and convenient carrying case ensure I can always access great sound.

If you’re looking for earbuds that support authenticity, innovation, and comfort, look no further than the Campfire Audio Orbit.

Love the Campfire Audio Orbit? Get them for $249 on the official website.

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