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Hands on Review

This is the corner where we personally review gadgets for you just to make sure your purchase never goes wrong.

Hands on Review

Manfrotto Advanced Camera Laptop Backpack Active II for the Photographer On the Go

As I continue to pursue photography, it becomes clear that the gear you have does matter. Someone with more options or more convenience is going to take and produce more photos. For example, my first camera bag was bundled with... Continue Reading

Smart Living

xFyro xS2 Truly Wireless Earbuds Combine Design, Build Quality, and Convenience

Truly wireless earbuds have always seemed too good to be true. A few versions have come and gone with much fanfare and equal amounts of failure. They promise a typical Bluetooth experience but were instead plagued by all sorts of... Continue Reading

Hands on Review

How the Bezalel Wireless Charging System Upgraded My Life

Working at Gadget Flow, I always love to see the latest and greatest devices. However, when it comes to smartphones, I’m uncharacteristically basic. My trusty iPhone 6 is on its third screen and the original Apple Silicone Case with the... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Vobot Clock Is a Smart Amazon Alexa Clock with a Bit of Charm

If you recall my last smart clock review (the LaMetric Time), you’ll notice the Vobot Clock occupies a similar territory in name. However, the two are not directly comparable due to many things, namely the price. Where the LaMetric Time... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Microwear H1 Let’s You Own an Android Wear Smartwatch and Keep Your Wallet

Ah, the smartwatch. How I have long coveted you. Once upon a time, the Sony SW2 was my smartwatch of choice. It was simple and cheap with some excellent customization via the watch face with all the different options. However,... Continue Reading

Smart Living

LapPad Mobile Workstation – Luxury Wood Lap Desk Touches for a Better Work Experience

Just about everybody owns a laptop. The single biggest annoyance of using a laptop is when you actually use your laptop on the top of your lap; it will eventually become too warm. And, if you’re like me and edit... Continue Reading

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