You Can Use the Remix IO All-in-One Android Device for Everything

You Can Use the Remix IO All-in-One Android Device for Everything

Smartphones these days are pretty incredible. We get instant and real-time updates for anything from the weather to the stock market. We also have apps for dating, scanning documents, and everything in between. In addition, we have impressive TVs with stunning displays. Lastly, our computers are ideal for file management and organization. The problem? Few of these features overlap leaving us with a reliance on multiple devices. Enter the Remix IO. This all-in-one Android device:
– combines functionality of your favorite devices
– has an intuitive interface
– runs on Android

It’s a set-top box. It’s a gaming console. It’s a PC. In fact, the Remix IO is all of the above and comes in a compact and portable design.

The Android Device You’ve Been Waiting For

Unlike other all-in-one systems, the Remix IO is the real deal. It all starts with plugging it into your TV. With this, it brings you stunning 4K video at 60fps as well as unrivalled HDR graphics. Every scene will look more lifelike than ever before. In addition, the Remix IO TV interface offers a seamless browsing experience so you can find the latest content. Finally, it also allows for both Android and Android TV so you never have to choose.

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Work and Play

Additionally, Remix IO brings the wide world of Android games right to your fingertips. With the Gaming Toolkit, you can even customize your keyboard, mouse, or controller for a totally bespoke experience. Finally, the Remix IO can be your PC as it has both an HDMI port and a VGA port. The intuitive interface offers flawless navigation as well as access to thousands of apps. You also get all of your much-needed features such as multiple windows, screen capture, file management, and a taskbar.

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For the Creators

The Remix IO even lets you become a part of the community. Built with the freedom of creativity in mind, you can get your very own apps featured on Remix Central, the app hub. The Developer Kit offers an AOSP as well as Remix OS SDK. If it’s good enough, your app may even be featured in the Recommended section. Get creating!

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The Specs

The Remix OS is based on Android Nougat for the latest and greatest capabilities. It features Audio 5.1 Pass-Through technology and it even has a CPU fan for smooth running. The Remix IO has 2GB of RAM as well as 16GB of storage. Finally, it can also connect via Bluetooth and Miracast.

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What We Love

The Remix IO gives you the freedom to choose your device and take your activities on the go. We really appreciate the plug-and-play design.

What Will the Future Bring?

Overall, we’re truly stunned at the capability of this compact system. We’re wondering how much more compact they can make their functionality!

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Pre-order: on website
Price: $99
Delivery: March 2017

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