Dash 4.0 Wallet Doesn’t Hold Your Stuff Hostage

Dash 4.0 Wallet Doesn’t Hold Your Stuff Hostage

Each time we go to swipe or tap our cards at the shop we’re fumbling around trying to slide our chubby fingers into the card slots to scrape out our favourite card. According to a recent survey, we tend to enormously favour using a single favourite card in our wallets over others or even cash. Why is it, then, that our wallets make it so difficult?

Dash 4.0 is the opposite of every wallet you’ve seen. Rather than hold onto everything for dear life, the Dash 4.0 wallet keeps everything together without holding your stuff hostage.

Unlike other wallets on the market, Dash 4.0 is designed for you to take things in and out of it easily. There’s a quick draw slot, a rectangular cut out in the middle of the wallet, which allows you to use your finger to slide out your favorite card. The wallet comes in both vertical and horizontal quick draw slots so it’s perfect whether you swipe with the strip or use chip and pin.

Additionally, the Dash team thought of the most elegant way to store your cash. There’s a through pocket that divides the wallet where you can easily take out and insert as much cash as you need. Rather than fumbling around with notes or thumbing through your bills, you can simply shove the cash right in and expect the same slim design.

Dash 4.0 cash

And, thanks to a large number of backers, Dash have added RFID protection to their wallets. The horizontal is available both with and without it while the vertical only comes with RFID protection. This means that you can keep your cards safe both physically and digitally.

Made from premium leather and four-way stretch elastic fabric, Dash 4.0 achieves both style and comfort with ease. When empty, it weighs under an ounce and is just 5.5mm thick. Even when full of five or even ten cards, Dash 4.0 is still only 11mm and 15mm thick, respectively. To give you some perspective, the iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thick.

Dash 4.0 in hand

Dash 4.0 is exceptionally minimal and suits any style. It’s slim enough for back pockets without causing back issues but is sturdy enough to handle everything you need to have on you – all without squashing everything and requiring tweezers to take out $5.

Dash 4.0 on table

Dash 4.0 had an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. With a goal of just $5,000, the Dash team raked in nearly $190k. Due to this triumph, they were able to reach stretch goals and produce the highest quality product. Dash 4.0 will cost just $12 via pre-order and will begin to ship in November.

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