Ditch boring holiday snow globes for this humorous, nontraditional alternative

Traditional snow globes are boring. Give your friends and family something to laugh about with these deeply funny and darkly humorous accessories.

Ditch boring holiday snow globes for this humorous, nontraditional alternative
Demented Penguins Bambi’s Revenge is deeply memorable

Why give your loved ones typical holiday snow globes when you could go for something a little more . . . unorthodox? The Demented Penguins witty snow globes are sure to make everyone do a double-take and have a good laugh.

Created during the quarantine by a team looking to channel its energy and stay sane, these holiday decorations are designed to make people say, “WTF” and, “Are you doing ok?”

Sure, you could stuff stockings with snow globes full of forest scenes and church steeples. But where’s the fun in that? Turn holiday gift giving upside down with these weird but humorous snow globes.

Disrupt your holiday gift giving, in a good way

There’s a lot of pressure to buy your loved ones the perfect gifts during the holidays. So much so that the season can be more stressful than enjoyable.

Well, this year, you can say goodbye to endless nights of shopping on Amazon because the Demented Penguins weird snow globes are the holiday novelty gifts you’ve been waiting for. Instead of buying your friends slippers and scarves they’ll try to regift next year, these dark scenes inspire laughs.

Give artistic renditions of holiday scenes gone awry

What if Bambi came back for revenge or pigs carried a human off to a roast? These are the kind of disturbing and incredibly weird scenes you’ll find in these witty snow globes.

Each depiction is an original artistic design, however, and the globe itself is made of hand-blown glass. Meanwhile, the sculptures and base are hand painted and feature hand-cast resin.

While the Demented Penguins snow globes are all about shock value, they’re also handmade works of art. They’ll be perfect for aunt Cheryll . . . maybe.

Demented Penguins video

Tickle your loved ones with Bambi’s Revenge

The death of Bambi’s mother traumatized everyone. But what if a teenaged Bambi came back for revenge?

According to the creators, Bambi, hardened by the cold, cruel world and multiple foster families, finally exacts his revenge. In this snow globe, he points a rifle at Earl, the hunter who slaughtered his mother.

Inspire chuckles with the Horsing Around weird snow globe

What if the eponymous Mr. Ed had been let out to stud, producing legions of super-smart horses that later enslaved humans? There would undoubtedly be a few witty snow globes about the tale. This Demented Penguins weird snow globe creates the scene, with one of Mr. Ed’s descendants forcing a male human to drag him around for a change.

Make everyone laugh with Pig Roast

Pigs are more intelligent than chimps, dogs, and even 3-year-old children. So, in this story, it was only a matter of time before the pigs mobilized and turned the tables.

In this scene, the pigs drag a man off for a roast. The creators say that the swine population, after seeing their buddies removed from the pen countless times, never to return, became a little twisted. This is the result.

Take care of this witty snow globe

Since the witty snow globes in this collection contain natural antifreeze, you don’t have to worry about the water freezing. However, you shouldn’t put them in a freezer or keep them at sub-zero temperatures.

If these home accessories get dusty or smudged, a wipe with a glass cleaner will do.

Help this company create more weird designs

Want to see more ideas from this team? It has plans to create many other snow globes,—not just holiday-inspired ones. That way, you can bestow pointed humor all year long, for any occasion. Before the team brings its new ideas to life, though, it needs your help backing this Kickstarter project.

Read our final thoughts

Tired of having to compete with your sister’s wonderfully thoughtful gifts for the family year after year? Stop trying, and give everyone something they’ll remember: a Demented Penguins snow globe. These unique snow globes scenes are dark and original while the accompanying stories will have everyone giggling.

It’s a memorable way to spend the holidays, no? So leave the scarf and hat combos for another year, and let 2022 be the year your gift has them snorting their eggnog out of their noses in laughter

Want a Demented Penguins snow globe? Pledges with a reward start at $40 on Kickstarter. What novelty gifts have you given for the holidays? Let us know in the comments.

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