Enjoy Peaceful Down Time with the SILENTMODE Audio Mask

Enjoy Peaceful Down Time with the SILENTMODE Audio Mask

It’s pretty easy to rack up a sleep deficit. It only takes a Birthday party or some late-night gaming to have you crashing on your desk the next morning. Regular travelers can experience similar dips in productivity, even while maintaining sensible bedtimes. When it all gets too much, the SILENTMODE audio mask should help you enjoy some peaceful down time. This audio-visual cocoon blocks the bright office lights and your noisy colleagues. It also has memory foam cushions inside, so you can comfortably rest your head on any surface.

– Mask offers 100% light blockage and noise-cancellation technology

– Enjoy 360-degree comfort with memory foam design

– Patented Breathonics audio training content helps you control your breathing and unwind

Peaceful Down Time

While some people can fall asleep standing up, many of us struggle to relax. You can feel exhausted, yet the slightest sound will keep your brain on full alert. Similarly, the daylight streaming in the windows seems to pull your eyelids open. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

At times like these, SILENTMODE can help you relax and power-nap your way to productivity. This innovative mask aims to shield your senses from outside distractions, so you can doze off anywhere.

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Even when you don’t have the time for forty winks, SILENTMODE can help you unwind. The mask provides audio instruction on your breathing, helping you find inner calm in the most stressful of locations.

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Light Blackout

The SILENTMODE experience begins with darkness. No, nothing like a horror movie. This peaceful dark allows your mind to switch off, as you would in your own bedroom.

To block out the light, SILENTMODE creates a kind of seal around your eyes. It’s like wearing sunglasses, but the lenses are totally blacked out. The frames circle your eye sockets, but they don’t impinge on the dreamy rapid eye movement (REM) sleep phase.

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Despite the comfy memory foam design, restless sleepers may need to adapt to this mask. But after some acclimatization time, most people should be pretty comfortable with SILENTMODE.

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Sounding Quiet

In addition to visual blackout, SILENTMODE offers a little bubble of quiet. Passive noise-cancellation technology helps to impede unwanted sounds.

The effectiveness of the mask largely depends on your environment. Loud noise will always be difficult to overcome, but café sounds should easily melt away. For a few short minutes, you should be able to experience total silence in your Uber.

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Alternatively, you can utilize SILENTMODE’s built-in speakers for a little mindfulness. The mask connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to Breathonics audio training. These sound sessions combine verbal cues with binaural music, helping you calm your breathing. In turn, this should help you feel less stressed.

If you prefer a little mental stimulation, SILENTMODE can also deliver podcasts and audiobooks to your ears.

“In today’s society napping is seen to equal laziness. Something that is reserved for quiet Sundays. The opposite is true. Study after study has shown that taking a nap can help your body relax and build its natural coping mechanism to fight stress and boost your productivity.”

“We have spent years learning how to master naps because of the stressful lives we lead. So let us help empower you to be the best you can be.” — SILENTMODE on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Some much-needed peace and quiet in this busy old world. Plus, this thing will even plan out your perfect nap cycle!

Future Designs

It would be nice if the mask were removable. That way, you could enjoy the same peace without nodding off.


– Kickstarter: Until November 22nd

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get a one-year free Breathonics subscription

– Delivery: April 2018

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