EyeQue VisionCheck is the most convenient eye test ever

In the name of saving money or expediency, many of us skip the yearly eye test. EyeQue VisionCheck is a new device that offers a more convenient way to test your vision.

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  • Is it possible to check your sight at home? Yes. EyeQue VisionCheck is a device that lets you carry out an accurate test at home with the aid of your smartphone.

Sight is a precious commodity. Yet many of us never get around to taking the yearly eye test. For some people, this is about saving money. For others, the experience of driving through traffic to hear the sales spiel is all too much.

But that kind of eye test might not be around for much longer. EyeQue VisionCheck is a remarkable new device that allows you to test your vision at home, using your smartphone. It can pick up nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and can even fit your new glasses.

What is a smartphone eye test?

Based on MIT patented technology, VisionCheck uses a simple test to work out the refractive error for each eye. The device can pick up nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with remarkable precision.

eye test - EyeQue VisionCheck is the most convenient eye test ever

EyeQue VisionCheck makes it easy to perform an eye test

The test only takes a couple of minutes, and the result is provided in EyeGlass Numbers (EGNs) — a special unit that carries your entire eye prescription. The EGN figure is calculated using advanced algorithms; many early users say it’s more accurate than office test results.

eye test - EyeQue VisionCheck is the most convenient eye test ever

You get accurate results with EyeQue VisionCheck

Part of the calculation is your pupillary distance (PD). This measurement is an essential part of fitting your glasses, and VisionCheck handles it with ease. You simply put on the supplied frame and take a selfie. The app does the rest, calculating your PD to the nearest 1mm.

The most convenient eye test

eye test - EyeQue VisionCheck is the most convenient eye test ever

EyeQue VisionCheck is much cheaper than an office eye test

There are many reasons to prefer VisionCheck over a regular eye test.

Firstly, the device is priced at just $40. That’s less than a single eye exam in most places. The only ongoing cost is an EyeQue subscription, which is $4.99 per year.

Using VisionCheck is also much more convenient than attending an office test. People who struggle to get around will particularly benefit.

eye test - EyeQue VisionCheck is the most convenient eye test ever

EyeQue VisionCheck even fits your glasses

In addition, this device lets you get a best-of-three result. Consequently, VisionCheck is often more accurate than a single test from your optometrist.

The best part? Using your VisionCheck result, you can order glasses from home. It’s a much more peaceful shopping experience than listening to a sales rep.

“The VisionCheck includes a patent-pending pupillary distance (PD) measurement tool, called the PDCheck, that accurately captures your PD in a matter of seconds.” — EyeQue on IndieGoGo

What we ❤️

The yearly eye test is never fun, and this device offers a more convenient alternative. Furthermore, it is remarkably accurate.

The total test?

It must be noted, VisionCheck cannot completely replace a regular eye test. If you’re worried about glaucoma and other conditions, see a medical professional.


– IndieGoGo: Until January 19th

– Pledge: $40 USD

– Delivery: March 2019

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