EyeQue Delivers Accurate Vision Tests on the Go

EyeQue Delivers Accurate Vision Tests on the Go

Could you ever put a price on your vision? Or, like most people, is your ability to see totally priceless? If that’s the case, you need to stay on top of your vision with periodic eye exams. Before I scare you off, the EyeQue is an affordable way to keep your eyes in check. Wonderfully simple, the EyeQue device is:
– portable
– very easy to use
– able to deliver results instantly

EyeQue is a personal vision tracker. Effortlessly attaching to your smartphone, it produces eye exams to accurately track your vision over time. It’s also the recipient of a Gadget Flow CES 2017 Award!

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Precision for Your Vision

As the recipient of multiple awards, including the CES 2017 Best of Innovation, the EyeQue device uses ground-breaking technology for accurate results. The miniscope is actually a sophisticated optical device equipped with several highly engineered lenses. Placing the miniscope on your smartphone, the EyeQue device can assess your eyesight and refractive errors with impeccable precision in just minutes.

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How to Use It

The miniscope is able to stay in place by using the included and specially designed strap. Hold your smartphone and the EyeQue device up to your face and relax your eyes. The app will begin the exam, which is a simple test requiring you to align two different colored lines. The test is completed using the touchscreen controls that you already use every day.

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Review Your Vision History

Because all of your eye tests are completed in the app, you’re also able to review your results whenever you’d like. The EyeQue app stores each of your exams which you can also view on your computer and even share with your eye doctor. When the time comes to correct your vision, the results can be used to order the correct lenses through online retailers.

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What We Love

We love seeing innovation for our health. The EyeQue device streamlines the vision examination process and even helps cut the cost of copays.

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What We’d Like to See

It’s hard to imagine how this device could improve. But, we do hope that the brilliant technology could be extended for other uses or even help to initiate other fields, such as hearing.


Kickstarter: Campaign ends January 5th
Pledge: SUPER Early Bird is only $18
Delivery: February 2017

When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

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