The Firefly2 Luxury Vaporizer Heats to 400 Degrees in Just Seconds

The Firefly2 Luxury Vaporizer Heats to 400 Degrees in Just Seconds

Thanks to advances in technology, smoking is out and vaping is in. Using a vaporizer is far healthier than traditional smoking methods. This is because you’re able to control your ingredients so there won’t be any harmful chemicals entering your body. While this alternate method has been around for awhile, it has now been perfected with the Firefly2 Luxury Vaporizer. This device is:
– compact and sleek
– easy to use
– technologically advanced for your convenience

The Firelfy2 delivers the most exquisite vapor experience. Whether you use plants or concentrates, it’s amazingly fast.

Advanced Heating Technology

What sets the Firefly2 apart from any other system is the advanced heating technology. Activating with your touch, this device can heat to 400 degrees in 3 seconds or less. Yes, you read that correctly. Once the LED light on the front turns green, you’re good to go. Using the accompanying app, you can also select one of six temperature presets. These range in 20-degree increments from 340 to 420 degrees. In addition, the Firefly2 only heats the contents when you inhale. This preserves your materials while also ensuring the best flavors and odors.

Luxury Vaporizer

Convenient Vapor

This powerful vaporizer has been designed for you. There and ready when you need it, the Firefly2 battery lasts up to 80 draws on a single charge. It’s easily recharged with the included USB 3.0-compatible charger. Finally, the Firefly2 also comes with a spare battery so you never run out.

Luxury Vaporizer

A Luxury Vaporizer at Its Finest

Even at first glance, you’ll notice that the Firefly2 is at the top of its class. Looking the part of a high-tech gadget, it’s made with premium materials for longevity. Inside is a durable borosilicate vapor path that is protected with a magnetic lid. In addition to the removable filtering mouthpiece, this modular design makes cleaning as easy as can be. Finally, the Firefly2 is available in classic colors such as black and white as well as red, gold, and blue. It’s sure to fit in with any style.

Luxury Vaporizer

What We Love

This device sure packs a punch! The creators maximized each feature for the consumer – which we love!

What We’d Like to See in the Future

The Firefly2 is the improved version of the original. The creators have already cut size in addition to the weight, let’s see if they can increase the battery!

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– Purchase: Website
– Price: $329.95
– Includes: Firefly 2 Vaporizer, 2x Rechargeable Batteries, Charging Dock, USB 3.0 Cable, Cleaning Kit, 3x Concentrate Pads

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