Identity Vault Protects You from Digital Danger

Identity Vault Protects You from Digital Danger

In the real world, security seems pretty obvious. We all know to lock our doors at night and keep our valuables out of sight. But online, the threats seem less obvious. Perhaps this is why many people still use insecure passwords, and store the login details in desktop spreadsheets. With cyber crime increasing at an alarming rate, the Identity Vault provides a safe haven. This credit-card sized computer stores all your passwords offline, guarded by biometric security. It’s the ultimate protection for your online world.

– Identity Vault card stores your passwords offline, away from hackers

– Connects to your desktop or mobile for instant login

– Protected by biometric security, only you can use the card

Digital Danger

Back in the good old days, digital security wasn’t really a problem. Cyber crime did exist, but it affected only a tiny proportion of Internet users. You could quite happily use “password123” to secure your AOL Mail or MySpace account without suffering repercussions.

But that time has been and gone. Identity Vault is a security solution built for an increasingly dangerous online world. Rather than keeping your data in vulnerable cloud storage, this card operates entirely offline.

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As a result, you have physical control over your digital data. And even if someone steals your wallet, the card won’t give up your personal info.

Mobile Vault

Although the Identity Vault looks like a regular credit card, it’s actually something quite different. In fact, this card has a tiny computer inside. With 2GB of flash storage, it can hold literally thousands of usernames and passwords.

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When you want to sign in to Facebook or online banking, the card connects to your mobile or desktop device via Bluetooth. Your password is then sent across wirelessly and collected by the companion Vault app.

To authorize the transfer of your password, the app utilizes biometric security. Using the front-facing camera on your phone, Identity Vault recognizes the unique features of your palm. Consequently, it’s impossible for anyone else to use your card to gain illegitimate access. If you prefer your palm to stay anonymous, you can alternatively use a master passphrase.

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Identity Vault provides no information on quite how secure these ID methods are. It’s also pretty difficult to unearth details of the underlying technology. However, the card is created by BluStor, a company set up by the original founder of Seagate. In other words, they probably know what they are doing.

All-Round Protection

In essence, Identity Vault is the physical version of password managers such as LastPass. As with those rival services, this card offers to create and store secure passwords when you sign up for new accounts.

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Furthermore, the app will auto-fill your details whenever you visit known sites. To protect this data, the Identity Vault card employs 256-bit AES encryption — as used by the US Government.

“This credit card sized computer is a smart, secure and convenient way to manage your passwords and other critical data.”

“Hidden behind your biometrics and never connected to a Wi-Fi or Cellular network, Identity Vault makes your data virtually invisible to hackers.” — Identity Vault

What We ❤️

The joy of not having to remember your passwords. Plus, knowing that your online world is secure.

Future Designs

While palm recognition is fine, it’s a bit tedious holding up your hand for every login. Could we have something slicker?


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