JAAP Secure Wireless Earphones Won’t Budge as You Move

JAAP Secure Wireless Earphones Won’t Budge as You Move

We’ve stepped into a new age of audio technology and the future is totally wireless. Being tethered to our devices is *so* 2015. Wireless listening allows you to move and groove to your tunes. That is until the batteries die or the earbuds fall from your ears. But, the JAAP Secure Wireless Earphones are here to change that. These revolutionary earphones:
– fit anyone and everyone
– stay in place no matter what
– last as long as you do

Suffice to say, the JAAP Earphones are built for modern audio lovers. Whether it’s a new album or an audio book, they’re the earphones for you.

Super Secure Wireless Earphones

The first thing you’ll notice about the JAAP Earphones is the unique design. They feature a hook that goes over the top and behind your ear. Unlike other audio systems, the JAAP Earphones use your anatomy to stay in place. In addition, the earphones come with Spinfit silicon tips. Incredibly, these tips rotate 360 degrees. Along with a sleek and slim design, they go deeper into your ear canal to add to the stability. Finally, the JAAP Earphones include three pairs of silicon tips as well as a set of foam tips so you can interchange them based on your needs.

JAAP Secure Wireless Earphones Won’t Budge as You Move

A Battery to Last

The JAAP Earphones surpass any other audio system with battery life. On their own, they give you six hours of playtime and seven hours of talk time. The 90mAh battery is concealed inside the over ear hook to not add excess bulk. Additionally, the JAAP Earphones come with a super portable charger. It easily connects to the two earphones like a regular behind-the-neck connector cable. This means you can still use the earphones as they’re charging. This simple cable adds an extra eight hours to give you 15 hours of total playtime.

JAAP Secure Wireless Earphones Won’t Budge as You Move

Additional Convenience

While the JAAP Earphones go above and beyond in playtime, they’re also designed for everyday use. They connect seamlessly via Bluetooth and have a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. On iOS devices, you can also see a battery life indicator on your screen. And, most importantly, they have an IPX5 waterproof rating to hold up against rain and sweat.

JAAP Secure Wireless Earphones Won’t Budge as You Move

What We ❤️️

Everything! We can’t wait to get these in our ears!

Future Innovations

While we wouldn’t change anything, we’re excited to see where the innovation of JAAP Earphones goes. Perhaps they can pack in an even larger battery.

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Kickstarter: until April 6th
– Pledge: $49.53 – Gadget Flow members get 10% off – Code: JAAPGF
– Delivery: June 2017

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