Feel Secure on the Move with the Freedom Pack Anti-Theft Backpack

Feel Secure on the Move with the Freedom Pack Anti-Theft Backpack

While going on vacation has many happy associations, it also comes with some stress. Parents always have the Home Alone nightmare, and the rest of us have to worry about security. Even in relatively safe destinations, pickpockets will often target tourists. They know that you are too busy looking at the scenery to notice a thief. Rather than succumb to crime, you might like to try the Freedom Pack Anti-Theft Backpack. This waterproof daypack has concealed pockets and hidden zips, meaning you should always feel secure.

– Waterproof daypack keeps your valuables securely tucked away

– 12-liter capacity, plus quick access pockets for your less important items

– Lightweight design folds down into storage pouch

Feel Secure

There is never a good time to lose your wallet or your passport. But when you’re battling the language barrier on foreign territory, such a loss can feel devastating. While credit cards can be cancelled and new papers produced, the entire episode can ruin your vacation.

There are two solutions: lock yourself inside your hotel room, or break out the Freedom Pack daypack. Not only is this bag very secure, but it protects your kit from unexpected downpours.

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Furthermore, the design folds up into a small pouch. Consequently, you can easily fit this daypack in your regular luggage.

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Anti-Theft Features

Some bags use locks and heavy materials to thwart thieves. This brute-force approach can work, but it comes at the cost of extra weight. In contrast, the Freedom Pack maintains security by more intelligent means.

Firstly, this backpack looks pretty unappealing to thieves. You can’t see any zips from the back, because they are all tucked away. Dedicated pockets provide safe refuge for your most valuable items, with the openings resting against your back.

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In addition, the waterproof skin is rip-resistant. Even if someone wanted to force their way into your daypack, the material would impede their progress. A sharp knife would probably get through, but that would still cause some commotion.

Finally, the Freedom Pack has a built-in buckle. This allows you to clip the bag securely to your seat in a restaurant, for instance. As a result, no law-breaker can easily snatch your valuables.

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Different Kinds of Protection

Aside from criminal threats, the Freedom Pack provides good protection from the elements.

As mentioned, the exterior is entirely waterproof. This includes the YKK zippers, which provide a secure seal against moisture. With an internal capacity of 12 liters, this bag keeps your phone, money and clothes completely dry.

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For items that can endure a little rain, the quick access pockets provide useful exterior storage. These stretchy pouches are easily big enough for your water bottle, or a pair of flip-flops.

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When it’s time to go home, you can simply fold up the Freedom Pack. It comes with a little pouch, just like a lightweight raincoat.

“We searched high and low for the perfect daypack, but couldn’t find one. So we designed one ourselves. After 5 months, 4 prototypes, 2 trips, countless emails and cups of coffee later; we bring you The Freedom Pack.” — Travelab on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

Backpacks can be pretty bulky, but not this one. It holds everything you need for a day of exploring, without weighing you down.

Future Designs

For outdoor enthusiasts, a larger version of this design would be very welcome.


– Kickstarter: Pre-Order Now

– Pledge: $40 USD

– Delivery: December 2017

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