The new HP 200 wireless mouse helps you work your way

There’s really no need to work in a tangle. The new HP 200 wireless mouse gives you total freedom and comfort for the price of lunch.

The new HP 200 wireless mouse helps you work your way
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  • What is the most affordable wireless mouse? At just $11.99, the HP 200 wireless mouse offers great quality at an affordable price.

Just as a truck driver grips the wheel, everyone who works behind a desk spends hours every day with their hand on a mouse. This small yet important peripheral is your primary connection with the digital world — but most of us just use the mouse we are given. That’s like Harry Potter using a wand he found at the dollar store.

Upgrading your mouse can have several positive effects. For instance, the new HP 200 wireless mouse offers better comfort and precision than most. In addition, this accessory lets you clear away the cable spaghetti on your desk.

How to work smarter

A good mouse is one you don’t notice. It won’t cause you hand pain or make the cursor jump randomly around the screen. A good mouse should also last for years, providing daily service without the need for driver updates and technical support.

The HP 200 checks all these boxes. While it can’t match the specs of high-end gaming accessories, this affordable workhorse gets the job done without making a fuss.

[tweet_box]There’s really no need to work in a tangle. This new wireless mouse gives you total freedom and comfort for the price of lunch.[/tweet_box]

In addition, you can use the HP 200 wireless mouse with virtually any computer. The mouse comes with a USB wireless adapter, meaning you get a strong 2.4GHz connection.

Affordable workhorse

The HP 200 retails for $11.99, but the build quality is anything but thrifty.

new HP 200 02

Built to last

Thanks to a contoured design, the HP 200 sits comfortably in your hand. It works perfectly for both right- and left-handers, with soft pads down each side for better grip.

In addition, the mouse is tall enough to fill your palm. This means you don’t have to contract your fingers in order to grip the device — a common cause of discomfort.

new HP 200 03

Better comfort

Just as importantly, the HP 200 is small enough to fit in your laptop bag. The sturdy design can cope with daily use, and the mouse weighs just 2.72 ounces.

What is the advantage of a 2.4GHz wireless mouse?

Many wireless mice connect via Bluetooth. In most cases, this works just fine. But just occasionally, you might find yourself battling incompatibility. Many older PCs don’t support Bluetooth, and newer ones often require driver downloads.

new HP 200 04

The new HP 200

In contrast, the HP 200 is almost universal. Instead of Bluetooth, this mouse operates on 2.4GHz radio signals. You simply plug in the supplied USB adapter and start browsing. There’s no software to install or settings to wrangle with.

“This affordable wireless mouse offers you more than a low price. It gives you the freedom to create without wires to tie you down. And our wireless mouse is contoured for either hand, so increasing your productivity is more effortless. It’s never been easier to go wireless for less.” —

Wireless magic

For everyday computing, this wireless mouse gets the job done with the minimum of fuss. It works with all your computers, and the ergonomic design ensures total comfort.

Other options

If you love PC gaming, the new HP Omen mouse might be a better option.


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