Get an oxygen boost on the go with the INBair O2 purifier

Only 21 percent of the air we breathe is actually oxygen. By increasing that percentage, this portable purifier hopes to give your brain an oxygen boost.

Get an oxygen boost on the go with the INBair O2 purifier

Science tells us that food and oxygen are essential for our survival. In combination, these two ingredients create all the fuel we need for moving, thinking, Netflix watching, first-date stressing, and spreadsheet filling. Depending on where you live, food is all too plentiful or scarce. But oxygen stays at a fairly constant level — 21 percent of the air we breathe, to be precise. What if you could get more? Could that give you a boost when you need it most? That’s the theory behind the INBair O2 portable purifier. This little device delivers 40 percent oxygen whenever you need it.

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Get ready for O2

Oxygen boost

Normally speaking, oxygen is only administered by medics or by the side of the sports field. This is because most of us have sufficient oxygen circulating in our veins. Our bodies were designed for the 21 percent, after all.

But the folks behind INBair O2 believe that some of us are lacking oxygen, due to stale office air. They say that this is the reason for your productivity-killing afternoon slump.

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The INBair O2 pumps out around 0.4 gallons of oxygen per minute, raising the local concentration. The hope is that you will breathe in this additional O2 and feel more alert as a result.

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Feel your best at work

O2 purifier

It must be said, there is little scientific evidence to support the idea of oxygen therapy. Even for athletes, extra oxygen is more of a psychological crutch than a physiological one.

But equally, many people say they feel better after filling their lungs with oxygen. This isn’t surprising, really —  it’s the same feeling you get when you leave the office for some “fresh air”.

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Fresh air in the office

INBair O2 is designed to provide that fresh air on tap. The device is the size of a mid-sized textbook, with a brushed aluminum exterior. In techy terms, you could easily mistake it for a hard drive. When you want an oxygen boost, you simply put on the supplied headset.

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Portable oxygen

The headset looks just like one of those microphones they use in call centers. But instead of talking to unhappy customers, you get an oxygen mist pumped towards you. The mist is invisible, but it feeds your body.

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Instant energy

INBair O2 can be powered from any wall socket or 12V battery supply. Aside from the hissing whisper of escaping oxygen, it’s virtually silent. In addition, the headset has an antimicrobial surface to fight off germs.

“Ever noticed that ideas start to flow after a brisk walk in the fresh air? We are experts in air innovations and understand the reason: increased oxygen. Now you can bring this feeling indoors with INBair O2 — the world’s first designer oxygen purifier. Simply put on the headset, breathe normally and notice how your brain fires up, ready for action.” — Hextio on IndieGoGo

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Essential kit

Good design

Unquestionably, the INBair O2 is well made. The device is small enough to cart around, and the headset stays out of your way during working hours.

Pause for thought

This isn’t a medical-grade device, and there are known side-effects of oxygen therapy. Just be aware that INBair O2 is very much a recreational product.


– IndieGoGo: Until May 16th

– Pledge: $455 USD

– Delivery: July 2018

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