Phorce Pro is a Sophisticated Smart Bag Designed for Today’s Mobile Workforce

Phorce Pro is a Sophisticated Smart Bag Designed for Today’s Mobile Workforce

If you look at the world around you closely, you’ll notice there’s a big change in the way we accommodate work in our lives today. Thanks to this age of laptops, tablets and smartphones, we are now part of a mobile workforce. We don’t need a specific desk at a specific office floor to be productive at work – the next door cafe with decent wi-fi is enough to bring that work energy out from us. But every invention has some restrictions or the other and our mobile devices do not claim to be an exception in that category. They are power hungry and are bound to drop dead once the battery goes down. That’s where lies the problem. Imagine you decide to walk to that forlorn citizen’s park down the lane to work someday and your laptop dies out of battery midway. Having found no charging ports nearby, you are then forced to return home and continue working. Such a pain for those who love to work under the sky, breathing nature throughout the day.

Phorce Pro bag

This is where a new range of accessories step in which makes the life of a mobile worker super convenient. Be it the new-age wallets or everyday stationeries like your pen, the ammunition required to battle the power-hungry nature of your mobile devices is here. While most of these latest releases are more driven towards charging your smartphones on the go, our today’s review is about an accessory that has got the potential to charge all your mobile devices on the go, including laptops and tablets. Coming from a team who believe in blending modern design and technology, Phorce Pro is not just any other bag. Loaded with intelligent technology and power, this is a smart bag designed for the modern workforce.

Phorce Pro bag with charging ports

A Bag That Can Charge All Your Gadgets

Today’s bags and backpacks are pretty stylish in design but the fact that it can charge your phones, laptops, tablets, and thousands of other devices is what makes Phorce Pro one of its kind. By charging, I don’t mean a simple charger. You’d be surprised to know that Phorce Pro has the capacity to fully charge a laptop or an iPhone 5S 14 times on the go. Time to pop that bubble which keeps worrying you about your device running out of power. What first started as a Kickstarter campaign way back in 2012 is now capable of being your best travel companion, be it as a briefcase or a backpack or a simple messenger bag. It just takes less than 10 seconds to transform Phorce Pro into either of the three modes you prefer carrying at a time. As Darrell Etherington stated on his Techcrunch review, “Anything that gives gadgets some extra life is a worthwhile project in my book.”

Phorce Pro smart bag

Since the bag can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can easily check the amount of power left in your smart devices and how many times Phorce Pro can charge it over. This also works as a great way of not leaving your bags behind. It will send a notification to your phone incase you forget to take it along and lets you and your devices always be together. To get into the details of the Phorce Pro, here’s what you’ll find in every bag: A Power Button, Smart Power Core, 3 USB Power Ports, Cable Management, Slim Pockets, Front Pockets, Laptop and Phorce Pro Charging Ports, Smartphone Pocket, Laptop Compartment and a Tablet Compartment. That’s what you call smart living in the world of bags and backpacks.

Phorce Pro bag compartments

Stylish and Intelligent At the Same Time

Speaking of comfort, the Phorce Pro has a shoulder strap with high-density foam core and wide 40 mm webbing which makes it pretty easy to carry. You’ll also feel good holding the magnetic carrying handles on the hand while you move around with your bag everyday. The 360-degree expansion zipper increases the bag’s size and lets you carry extra stuff whenever required. It’s made of a high-quality natural fabric which is water resistant and makes the bag extremely sturdy and tough as a carry on. It will easily slide over the telescopic handles of your trolley bag and makes you easily pass through checkings at the airport (thanks to the accessible laptop compartment!). Starting from a price of €549, you can get your Phorce Pro in either red or black color. Welcome to the new world of smart bags that makes working on the go super convenient for everyone. Happy Gadgeting!

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