This high-tech device kills viruses in under 10 seconds

Want an easy way to keep your family healthy this winter? Consider this portable disinfection device. It kills viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus, and offers several safety features. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this practical gadget.

This high-tech device kills viruses in under 10 seconds
Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device in a car

You want to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe in this new normal. And you know that the best way to do that is to focus on hygiene: washing your hands, wearing a mask, and sanitizing high-touch surfaces. Unfortunately, you can’t douse everything with alcohol and hand sanitizer: it can ruin tech, wood, fabric, and other sensitive materials. Luckily, there’s a non-damaging way to sanitize those items and everything else. It’s called the Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device. This high-tech disinfection device cleans high-touch surfaces and is even validated against SARS-CoV-2.

The Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED is a gray, rectangular device and looks similar to the first flip phones. In fact, the device flips open from 180–270° for adjustable positioning, revealing three pink UV-LEDs and two blue LEDs. It’s a simple design, but that’s what makes this disinfection device highly portable and user-friendly. Let’s take a closer look at what this product offers.

Protect yourself against SARS-Cov-2 and Coronavirus 229E

According to the company’s website, this disinfection device provides effective disinfection against SARS-like viruses, including COVID-19. The Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED was validated by an independent third-party biosafety level 3 laboratory in New York. The lab showed that this UVC-LED device inactivates more than 99.9% of coronavirus in 1o seconds. So its effectiveness is quite high. That means that when you shine the device’s light over a surface, coronavirus practically isn’t an issue.

Keep high-touch surfaces clean with the power of UV LEDs

The Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED is equipped with powerful UV-LED lights. Just like the sun, these UV-LED lights destroy bacteria and viruses on contaminated surfaces. With just a wave of this “wand,” you can purify high-touch surfaces that typically collect and breed harmful contaminants.

Acuva SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device

Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device in a kitchen

Disinfect worry-free with this sanitation gadget

Best of all, the Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED is safe to use. That’s because it features several safety measures that safeguard you and your family. For instance, there’s a child safety lock on the device’s side that slides to lock. And the double-click power switch design ensures that the device only operates during purposeful use. Finally, the wand only arms when it’s opened to at least 180°. So this disinfection gadget won’t turn on accidentally in your bag or backpack. It also stays off if it happens to fall.

Position this health gadget from 180–270°

Need to disinfect under armrests or the interior angles of a steering wheel? It’s easily done with the Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED. This disinfecting device has adjustable positioning from 180–270°. So it can bend to reach even difficult corners and tight spaces. This is also useful for uniquely shaped items like ornate front door handles.

Enjoy quick disinfection

Tired of spending so much time disinfecting the high-use surfaces of your home or work gadgets? Claim some of your time back with this disinfection device. It takes just 10 seconds to work and make surfaces pristine again. So if you’re a personal trainer, this gadget can drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend sanitizing your workout equipment every night. Or if you’re sick of washing your kids’ backpacks and cleaning their shoes every day, this does the same job in a fraction of the time.

See the disinfection area with Blue LED mapping

Want to see the exact area you’re disinfecting? You can thanks to the Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED’s Blue LED mapping. It provides visible blue mapping on the object you’re cleaning to show you just the area you’re targetting. This is useful, as you’ll know the precise areas you’ve sanitized and if you’ve missed any spots. Incorrect use is where many products prove ineffective. This disinfection device protects against this all too common issue.

Take this portable health gadget anywhere

Another great feature of this product is its portability. We mentioned earlier that this gadget is foldable, which makes it easy to carry. The Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED can actually fit in your pocket and, of course, stows easily in bags and backpacks. So this is a disinfection device that’s easy to take with you to work, school, on errands, etc.

The Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device is an excellent gadget for these unusual times. Outfitted with powerful UV LED lights and equipped with several safety features, it can keep you healthy. Thanks to its portable design, it’s also a great addition to anyone’s EDC. If you work in a shared space or come into contact with others and their belongings throughout the day, this is a great product to consider.

The Acuva™ SOLARIX UV LED portable disinfection device costs $149.99, and you can order it from the company’s official website.

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