Q Bracelet is a Style-Smart Wearable For the Power Hungry Smartphones

Q Bracelet is a Style-Smart Wearable For the Power Hungry Smartphones

Remember the last time you saw a wearable that could fit smartly into your fashion statement everyday? There are ones which can reduce the usage of smartphones or help you stay fit but where is the style in all of this! The whole wearable industry is encircling around technology which talks of “function” more than “fashion” with ofcourse, some exceptions like the JUNE Bracelet or the Bellabeat Leaf coming from time to time. Quite unlikely, this is one of the reasons why most wearables are more popular among the males than the females.

Talking from my perspective, I wouldn’t want to wear a hefty ring or a gigantic bracelet on my wrist even if that could take me back in time – How I look wearing it is very important and sometimes it’s probably the only criteria I check. So, does this mean, I’ll have to keep myself away from wearable tech because most of these gadgets look hideous when you wear them? Well, that entirely depends upon how important technology and fashion is in our lives. We could do with gadgets that blends the two in a beautiful way and that’s exactly why the first time I came across a review on Q Bracelet, it caught my eye that very moment.

Q Bracelet review

Charge Your Smartphones Like a Fashionista

Designed as a flagship product from New York based company Q Designs, the Q Bracelet is a stylish accessory that can keep the constant battery anxiety of your phone away. Unlike most wearables which encourage to reduce the use of smartphones, the Q Bracelet is more about using them and never going out of charge while on the go. So, be it during clicking some natural element or sending an important text to your colleague, you won’t miss out on any smartphone activity because the “power went down”. As told by James Kernan, Co-founder and CEO, Q Designs on their press release, “The Q Bracelet provides a very sexy solution to a truly ubiquitous problem. Every smartphone owner worries about battery loss, and we endeavored to create a product that simply takes that worry away, effortlessly and with style. In our research, we found existing external battery solutions to be clunky, unappealing and frustrating to use, and so we set out to build a simple, beautiful alternative.”

Q Bracelet unisex phone charging bracelet

Portable phone batteries are nothing new but to make it compatible with your style statement is ofcourse unique. No extra baggage needs to be carried; one bracelet on your wrist will do it all. The super lightweight design crafted from high-quality materials makes it both safe and sustainable. A charger you can wear on your wrists without looking funny from any angle. As told on BRIT+CO by Alessandro Libani, COO of Q Designs, “We were always mindful that if we were going to be successful, we needed to nail the fashion aspect of the bracelet.” And surely, they have done it well!

Q Bracelet from Q Designs

Compatible With Apple or Android Smartphones

The bracelet comes in two configurations, micro-usb for Android or similar devices, and an Apple Lightning connector version for Apple devices. The 1,160 mAh lithium-ion battery can give you upto 60% extra charge depending on the mobile device. Another great feature: It’s compatible with the brand new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too. In their interview at Mashable, Libani had discussed on the battery level indicator saying, “The battery level and charging state is shown using four LEDS that are hidden above the connector in the bracelet. A user would just pull open the bracelet and the LEDs automatically cycle to show the battery level. While charging, the LEDs blink to show the current charging level.” As for the hotness quotient, you might feel a tinge of heat on your wrist soon after the bracelet is used to charge your device but that’s only if you try to pay close attention to it.

Q Bracelet

Now, coming to the color availability, you’ll get the Q Bracelet in four beautiful colors such as brushed and matte black, polished and matte silver and polished gold. The bracelets will come in small, medium and large sizes and is definitely a unisex design anyone and everyone can wear comfortably without losing out on their style. Currently, you can get your Q Bracelet for $79.99 which is a pre-order price at a 20% discounted rate from the original retail price ($99). Shipping winter 2015, Q Bracelet is about to change the way you charge your smartphones forever. Happy Gadgeting!


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