QuikSnap Sunshades Are the Easy Way to Keep Your Car Cool

QuikSnap Sunshades Are the Easy Way to Keep Your Car Cool

Those long evenings and bright mornings might feel like ancient history, but summer will return soon enough. When it does, the hot sun will leave us all begging for cooler conditions. This most often happens when you’re locked inside your car and stuck in city gridlock. Climate control can provide a little relief, but blocking the sun is the only real solution. QuikSnap Sunshades are probably the easiest way to keep your car cool. Rather than relying on suction cups, they clip onto your windows directly.

– Designed to snap on and off, with no clips, magnets, or suction cups required

– Keeps your car cool and provides protection against harmful UV rays

– Snap on at any time of year for better privacy

Keep Your Car Cool

No-one likes to spend any long journey drenched in sweat. But for parents and dog owners, the summer heat provides even greater problems. Keeping your loved ones healthy and happy can be difficult when the mercury rises.

Unlike most window shades, QuikSnap Sunshades can be put on and taken off in seconds. Each set is made to match your make and model of car, meaning they perfectly fit the window frames.

[tweet_box]Unlike most window shades, QuikSnap Sunshades can be put on and taken off in seconds[/tweet_box]

As a result, you never need to mess about with suction cups or fiddle with clips. And unlike permanent tints, these shades are easy to remove.

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Complete Protection

It’s easy to spot cars that are regularly used to transport kids. These vehicles have shades permanently stuck to the windows during the summer. Parents simply can’t be bothered to detach and reattach the sun shields over and over again.

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The problem is, these shades can be pretty dangerous after dark. With almost zero visibility in the side windows, you will struggle to see overtaking vehicles and jaywalkers. In many countries, it’s also illegal.

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With QuikSnap, you can easily put up and take down your sunshades in seconds. With the Sunshades in place, you get instant protection from the sun. The tinted polyester panels act like sunglasses, reducing the effects of the powerful summer sun. They also block harmful UV rays, which can damage young skin and eyes.

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Improved Privacy

Even when the sun goes in, these blinds remain useful. Being made to measure, they act like tinted windows, providing improved backseat privacy.

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Unlike paper tints, QuikSnap shades can be washed and recycled. They are also easy to remove for night-time driving, meaning your car stays legal. When they are not in use, the shades can easily be stored on the rear deck of your car.

“Introducing QuikSnap —  the first hassle-free car window sunshade that can be used on-demand. The simple installation and removal of the shades make it easier for all age groups to use them. QuikSnap Sunshades deploy a patent pending snap-on mechanism that fits into the car’s window frame without the use of any sort of clips, magnets or suction cups.” — QuikSnap on Kickstarter

What We ❤️

Durable and affordable shades that can be deployed in seconds. Furthermore, they are much better for privacy than paper tints.

Future Designs

We will be interested to see if the made-to-measure service continues in the long term.


– Kickstarter: Until January 10th

– Pledge: $39 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow Members get 10% off!

– Delivery: May 2018

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