The Kinn Chair is exactly what you want in a range of motion office chair

Finding the right office chair is a challenging process. Ranging from $30 to well over $1,500, how do you know which ergonomic chair is the right choice for you? The Autonomous Kinn Chair is worth looking into for its emphasis on ergonomics and comfort.

The Kinn Chair is exactly what you want in a range of motion office chair
A full range of motion office chair

If you’re an office worker, a student, or a creative, chances are you probably spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. And while it might not seem like a big deal, sitting in your chair for long periods day-in and day-out can take a serious toll on your short-term comfort and long-term health. Especially if you don’t have an ergonomic chair.

While there are other solutions to this contemporary dilemma, like willing yourself into a better posture or using a standing desk, it’s ultimately worth investing in an ergonomic office chair that promotes a healthy back and a neutral spine alignment. You won’t just be more comfortable while you work, but there will also be intangible long-term benefits to your health.

The Kinn Chair by Autonomous is everything you’d want in a range of motion office chair. With equal emphasis on support and mobility, the Kinn Chair will give you all-day comfort at your desk, leading to a healthier and more productive work life. And it comes at a reasonable price point given its impressive features, which we’ll get into below.

Freedom of movement

One of the Kinn Chair’s most impressive design elements is its frameless back. Without a frame, you have better freedom of movement in the chair as go about your day. Instead of only offering support from one position, the back of the chair moves with you and supports you when you lean or adjust your back position against the chair.

That’s a big upgrade from less thoughtfully designed chairs that seem to force you into one position. No matter how you move in the Kinn Chair you’ll feel equal parts supported and balanced. In fact, its ergonomic back was even modeled after the human spine to help achieve this unparalleled support.

Built with quality materials

If you haven’t already noticed the trend, the designers at Autonomous conjured serious attention to detail while designing the Kinn chair. That includes the materials they sourced. The Kinn chair is constructed with a thermoplastic elastomer (a unique combination of rubber and plastic), which is far more environmentally friendly, safer, and more durable than traditional plastic. And the TPE seats (we’ll touch on these more below) are designed to last more than 10 years compared to traditional foam and mesh, both of which tend to flatten over time and lose their comfort and support.

The materials used to build the Kinn Chair don’t have any major downsides. They’re just as strong as more traditional materials. In fact, they’re also easier to clean, more odor resistant, more earth-friendly, and more resilient than traditional plastics. If you’re looking at your ergonomic range of motion office chair as an investment, it’s worth considering the chair’s long-term viability in addition to everything else.

Full range of motion

It’s not just the back of the Kinn Chair that makes it responsive to your different movements and positions. You can adjust the armrests, the seat angle seat, and the recliner to fine-tune your Kinn Chair experience.

The armrests don’t just move up and down, but also out and in to match the natural resting position of your arms. And the seat slides forward and back so you can find a comfortable fit regardless of your body type.

What we ❤️

There’s a lot to love about the Kinn Chair, starting with its emphasis on both range of motion and freedom of movement. The result is an Autonomous chair that conforms to you, and not the other way around. From the double-axis armrests to the sliding seat, to its frameless back construction, there are so many ways to customize this chair to fit your needs perfectly.

We also love that the Kinn Chair was constructed from responsibly sourced materials that add to its longevity rather than shorten its quality or lifespan. It makes you wonder why competing brands haven’t adopted these materials en masse. But for now, it’s another factor that sets Autonomous and the Kinn Chair apart.

What we’d ❤️ to see in future designs

To be fair, we really have to nitpick to find any constructive feedback with the Kinn Chair. But it’s our job to nitpick. One thing worth pointing out is that the Autonomous built the Kinn Chair with pretty basic casters. You can certainly feel this when you move around in the chair. It’s not extremely limiting, but once you’ve experienced a chair with the relative freedom of rollerblade casters, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

We’d love to see a future version of the Kinn Chair equipped with more mobile-friendly casters and wheels, especially since the whole ethos of the Kinn Chair revolves around freedom of movement.

Invest in a healthier spine and a healthy future

Whether you’re the type to spend 10-hours a week at a desk or 40-hours a week in the office, it’s worth investing in a chair that will bring you more comfort every day and mitigate the long-term health risks associated with office chairs that don’t emphasize ergonomics. Quality-made office chairs will last longer than the cheaper alternatives, so paying a little more upfront will even out over time.

So go on, buy yourself a range of motion office chair that emphasizes comfort, ergonomics, and longevity. And enjoy its boundless support, your newfound freedom of movement, and all that extra energy you’ll have leftover from being truly comfortable while you work.

The Kinn Chair by Autonomous is a great option for anyone seeking a high-quality chair at that mid-tier price point. But if you’re on the fence, you don’t have to commit before testing one out. If you’re interested in trying a Kinn Chair, Autonomous offers a 30-day trial, and better yet, a five-year warranty.

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