Which office chair should you buy for your workspace?—kinetic structures, modular designs, & more

Want to ditch your old office chair for something that actually keeps you comfortable? Then have a look at the office chairs on today's roundup. Today, we're highlighting some of the best seating out there to help you stay productive and comfortable, no matter your work style.

Which office chair should you buy for your workspace?—kinetic structures, modular designs, & more
Best office chairs to buy for your workspace

The wrong office chair can make you feel slightly off-center all day. If your chair isn’t adjustable, you could be working in a position that’s either too low or too high. And, if it doesn’t have good cushioning, that’s a literal pain in the backside. But a quality office chair changes the game. It keeps you at the perfect level for typing, editing, or doing anything else, and they have cushions that support your body for hours. Which office chair should you buy for your workspace? We’ve got some suggestions.

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From kinetic chairs that allow you to sit actively to modular designs that let you switch from cross-legged to a lounge position, the chairs on this list emphasize ergonomics and keep you propped up comfortably. Check them out to see what we mean.

1. The Herman Miller Sayl chair adjusts to the perfect height. Because one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to office seating.

Drawing its inspiration from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Herman Miller Sayl customizable office chair is one comfortable seat. It combines style, support, and eco-friendly materials. With its ventilated back, this chair keeps you cool.

Get it for $545 on the official website.

2. A range of motion chair synchronizes with your body. If you want more movement in your day, check out this seat.

Autonomous Kinn Chair in a video

Tired of sitting behind a desk all day? The Autonomous Kinn Chair full range of motion office chair helps you keep moving. Now called the ErgoChair Pro+, its frameless construction and intuitive supports encourage natural mobility. If you’re wondering which office chair you should buy to stay active, this is it.

Get it for $699 on the official website.

3. The Bamboo Soul Seat lets you sit in a variety of positions. This way, you remain focused and on task at work, no matter what problems arise.

The Bamboo Soul Seat healthy positioning chair looks cool in your office and, without a back or armrests, it keeps your body engaged. The perch and lower platforms are adjustable, giving you a range of seating options.

Get it for $1,325 on the official website.

4. An alternative workstation lets you work in any position. It’s ideal for professionals who like to switch to working on the couch or bed.

Altwork Station Mechanical Desk video

Sometimes you really just want to work on your big, comfy armchair. While you might not be able to bring your favorite piece of living room furniture to the office, you can make space for the Altwork Station Mechanical Desk. This line of desks supports your productivity since it gives you the option to sit, stand, or recline while you work. Which office chair should you buy? We recommend this one.

Get it for $4,950 on the official website.

5. A kinetic office chair moves with your body. So you can sit comfortably while you work and have a chair that looks great.

For a healthy office chair that also looks gorgeous, check out the Trendway Elea kinetic office chair. With its patent-pending technology, it moves naturally with your body for an active seating position.

This office chair costs $1,414.99. Find a retailer near you on the official website.

6. This ergonomic seat series adjusts to any angle. It’s great for relieving tension if you spend your day in front of a computer.

You can adjust pretty much everything on the Komfort Chair ergonomic flexible seat series. Modify the height and depth of the backrest and tilt or remove the knee rests. The armrests even raise or lower. The seatbacks reduce back and lumbar tension and help your body naturally assume a correct posture.

Get it for €669 on the official website.

7. A standing desk chair keeps you active while you work. But it also offers you a place to perch when you need to get off your feet.

When you’re considering which office chair you should buy, think about your desk. If it’s a standing one, the VARIChair Pro Standing Desk Chair is a great choice. It actually offers a dynamic range of movement while you lean or sit. And it encourages using your legs, back, and core while maintaining a minimal footprint.

You can preorder this chair for $255 on the official website.

8. The HÅG Capisco Chair gives you active sitting options. It’s for those people who just can’t sit still during the day and like to change their position.

You don’t have to stay seated all day with the HÅG Capisco Chair ergonomic office seat. This ergonomic office furniture helps you get your best work done and supports how you want to sit. Choose from backward, kneeling, sideways, cross-legged, and more.

Get it for $829 on the official website.

9. An active sitting desk chair supports good posture. Because of course you want to be healthy and look confident while you work.

Which office chair should you buy to improve your posture? This CoreChair active sitting desk chair keeps you sitting tall, naturally. Its four models have sculpted seat cushions that keep your pelvis in the proper position while you’re seated. And, with 3D-knit fabric made from recycled water bottles, this is a chair you can feel good about buying.

Get it for $295 on the official website.

10. A modular chair provides over 10 seating positions. It’s great for work-from-homers who want to use their chair for watching movies, taking a nap, and relaxing.

Want a chair that can double as a relaxation spot? The BeYou transforming chair can. This unique office chair lets you make easy modifications to its design so that you can get the comfortable seating position you desire.

Preorder this chair for $349 on Indiegogo.

Your workday is about to get a lot more luxurious with any of these high-quality office chairs. Let us know which of these models you’d love to have in your office in the comments.

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