SensorWake Olfactory Alarm Wakes You Up with Delightful Smells

SensorWake Olfactory Alarm Wakes You Up with Delightful Smells

Is waking up the hardest part of your day? Do you dread the incessant and annoying alarm each morning? Or perhaps you believe being startled awake isn’t the best way to start the day. Enter SensorWake, the olfactory alarm clock. It’s the ultimate solution to waking up to an alarm. This device:
– uses scent to gently wake you
– features interchangeable smells
– has fail safes to ensure you wake up

The first of its kind, SensorWake makes it possible to wake up to the smell of breakfast – even if there isn’t any cooking.

A Progressive Olfactory Alarm

SensorWake works as a progressive alarm. This means that the stimulus increases over the course of two minutes. With the scent reaching your nose, your body will awaken (happily, might we add). To make waking up even easier, SensorWake comes with your choice of scent. These include the seaside, chocolate, peppermint, croissant, grass, toast, and even espresso. Each scent has been expertly crafted by aroma and scent specialists. The result? Extremely lifelike smells to wake up even the deepest sleeper.

SensorWake Olfactory Alarm

Customizable Wake Ups

This incredible device revolutionizes the way you wake up. In addition, it’s super easy to use. SensorWake uses interchangeable capsules so you can modify your scents as much as you like. Utilizing dry-air diffusion, SensorWake disperses the perfume molecules into the air. Because the system doesn’t use heat, the integrity of the scent is maintained from the device to your nose. The capsules themselves are 100% recyclable and last for a full 30 awakenings.

SensorWake Olfactory Alarm

A Guaranteed Wake Up

While I can tell you that smelling these delicious scents will certainly motivate you to get out of bed, you may still have doubts. For the doubters and those who sleep like they’re dead, SensorWake emits a melodic alarm if you’re not awake in three minutes. But, we believe the smell of refreshing seaside or powerful espresso will do just the trick.

SensorWake Olfactory Alarm

What We ❤️️

This device is seriously cool. In addition to a gentle wake up for you, there’s no more blaring alarm to disturb the rest of your household.

Future Innovations

While effective, we imagine there may be some who still snooze the alarm. We’d like to see a fail safe for that!

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– Website: order now
– Price: $99
– Includes: alarm clock, Toast capsule, power cable, user guide

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